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Who Would Have Thought

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Names have been changed to protect the innocent


My older sister Daniella is a ravishing beauty. When I was a young teen I would sneak into her closet, which was on the other side of the wall from the bath tub, and peek in on her bathing. She was two years older than I and just the sight of her in something skimpy would cause my cock to begin stiffening.

One summer day when I was 14 and she was 16 we decided to go out on our deck to get some sun. Everyone else was gone for the day and our back yard was quite secluded with a privacy fence lined with trees all around. Daniella asked if I would mind oiling her back and legs as we prepared to sun. Immediately my cock began to stir in my speedo. I grabbed the oil and squirted it on her back and began spreading it around her back clear down to the top of her beautiful bum. As I was straddling her bum, she must have felt my erection digging into her gorgeous round ass.

It was time to move down to her legs, which I gladly did. I started at her feet and slowly worked my way up then back down a bit then a little higher until I noticed a wet spot forming in the crotch of her suit. It was then that I decided to make my move. I oiled up her legs and allowed my fingers to slip just under the elastic of her swimsuit bottoms and rub the lower edge of her lovely buttocks. Then I slipped my fingers between her thighs and purposely rubbed her twat through her suit as I 'oiled her legs'.

'Sorry,' I said. 'It's okay,' was her reply. So I returned my hands to her crotch and she began grinding her pussy against my digits. Daniella looked back over her shoulder and told me to pull her bottoms down. That was when she first saw my cock sticking out of my speedo. I'm not hung like a horse, but even then I had a full seven inches when erect. 'Did I do that?' she asked.

I could only blush and nod. She smiled and rolled over as I tugged her bottoms down her legs. She leaned up and pulled my speedo down, freeing my raging hardon. Daniella said, 'Lay down by me.' I did so and she reached over and touched my cock. This was the first time someone other than me had touched me in a sexual way. I reached over and began diddling her twat and toying with her clit. When my fingers brushed her clit she clamped her legs together and said, 'Right there. Leave your hand right there and rub gently.' 'Ok,' I said.

It couldn't have been more than thirty seconds when I announced that I was going to cum. She wildly stroked my cock and I shot seven or eight huge ropes of cum all over both of us. I got cum on my face, her face, her lovely chest and even some on her pubic hair. I opened my eyes and looked at my big sister and she smiled back at me and asked if I was ok. 'Never been better,' was all I could manage.

My attention returned to her hardening clit and before long she clamped down on my hand again and threw her head back and came very hard. Her orgasm must have lasted nearly a minute. When she finished I asked, 'Was it okay?' 'Yes,' she responded, 'all three of my cums were great.'

It boggled my mind that I had just jilled off my fantasy girl, who happened to also be my sister, while she jacked me off. Fear struck me for just a moment that this would cause a strain in our relationship. Daniella rolled over and looked at me and said, 'You know we've started something we can't stop. You are the first boy to ever give me an orgasm and I don't want this to be the only time you do it.' I swallowed hard and said, 'Me either.'

That day was almost 30 years ago. Daniella and I have both been happily married for over 20 years and we still make a point to get together every couple of weeks and get each other off. We've kissed some and eaten our cum, but never anything more than just pleasing one another through masturbation. I love my sister and she loves me. My wife is completely in favor of what we do, but I think Daniella's husband would die if he found out. A few years ago Daniella asked if my wife would like to watch. I told her I thought she might, but that's another story for another time.



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