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Who Would Have Thought

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I've known Hunter for years, he was two years ahead of me in high school, we knew each other but we never really hung out. About two and a half years ago I started hanging out with some friends of his and would see him periodically. I would always be very happy to find out when an outing would include him, since he had always been one of my favorite people. He's one of those people who is just able to make everyone feel included and wanted, (besides, I also had a huge crush on him in high school, I still don't think he believes me about this, but it is absolutely true.)

Anyway, last January I was out at a club with some friends and lo and behold guess who we run into..........Hunter and some of his friends. I saw him and of course got this big cheesy smile on my face (as I generally do when I see him.) I really didn't think anything about it at the time, but he seemed rather happy to see me to, but then I just attributed it to the fact that he's always been nice to me.

As usual, we just exchanged casual pleasantries; we both tend to follow the niceties. Somehow he ended up sitting at the booth behind me, and chatting with some people there. I started talking to him through the partition, I don't remember why it happened, but he puckered his lips and I figured, 'why not', so I kissed him. It wasn't anything passionate, just a kiss on the lips but he seemed a little startled for a second, but then he got this look on his face, so I just laughed and we continued talking. One of my other friends started talking to me and I just chalked the incident up to another strange evening out.

A little while later Hunter ended up sitting in the booth next to me, as usual he and I started talking about anything and everything. Somehow he ended up telling me that I've always fascinated him and that he's always wondered what it would be like to kiss me. At first I was like, 'yeah right,' but then he tells me something along the lines of how he'd like to see how soft my skin feels. At this point I've decided he's serious and that I'm very curious to see how this game plays out.

I look around and see that no one is really paying us any attention to us, so I tell him to, 'go ahead.' I know that Hunter wasn't sure at first whether I was serious or not, so I helped him along by lifting the bottom of my shirt in invitation. Placing his hand on my back, he rubbed his hand along my warm bare skin, watching me as he did so. I know I smiled at him letting him know that I was enjoying our little game, moving a little I gave him better access and he slid his hand down the back of my jeans, caressing my ass and generally making me squirm in my seat due to how damp he was making me. He told me he was hard and I surprised him a bit by reaching down and 'feeling out', his statement.....yep, he was VERY HARD.

I got a phone call on my cell that I had to take, which I went to the restroom to answer for privacy. When I came out, I sat back down in the booth and Hunter ended up sitting across from me. I had put one of my feet up on the seat of his side of the booth due to the very fact that I had told him earlier that I found having my feet rubbed very erotic. He unzipped my boot and sensuously rubbed my foot. We looked at each other and smiled, he smiled even wider when I informed him how wet he was making me. And the fact that no one around us knew what was going on was turning both of us on even more.

Eventually all of us moved from where we were and ended up towards the rear of the club. The two of us disappeared from everyone else and ended up in a doorway in the back.

Truly kissing Hunter for the first time was a highly enjoyable experience, this was absolutely no peck on the cheek or a quick kiss on the lips. Sliding my hot wet tongue against his was getting me incredibly wet again, added to that we were rubbing up against each other as if we couldn't get close enough to one another and added to the mix was the fact that we were trying not to get caught by any of our friends. Somehow his hands ended up under my shirt again caressing my warm skin and he was thrilled when I agreed to him touching my breasts......my nipples tightening due to how much he was turning me on.

Sadly, as we knew we must, we made our way back to everyone else. (I could have spent hours just touching and tasting him.)

Later on that night as I was lying in my bed, I replayed the events of the evening. Thinking of how it felt to have him touching me and his lips devouring mine I began to touch myself. Gently squeezing my nipples through my nightgown I imagined it was Hunter touching me. Trailing my fingers lower I caressed myself through my underwear, noting again how damp I was, (I don't believe I've ever spent so much time in perpetually heat, that man can make me wet with just a glance.)

Sliding a finger into my pussy I couldn't believe how wet I was again. I raised my hand just a bit and touched my clit, nearly jumping due to how sensitive it was at this point. I wanted to go slowly and draw it out for as long as I could but I was only able to rub my sensitive nub for a very short time before I came explosively..................as I drifted off to sleep I thought I couldn't wait to see what game Hunter and I would play the next time............but that's another story.



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