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Who Knew?

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Kristin and I have been friends for over a year. She is married to an absolutely amazing man, Darren, whom I think is quite good looking. I have always thought that Kristin is beautiful and I guess you might say I have a little crush on her. I'm straight, but I think it's normal to have 'girl crushes'. It's just part of life. I am single and experiencing a little sexual drought. I must admit that I wouldn't mind joining the two of them for a little fun, but that isn't something you just bring up to a friend casually over drinks.

Well, last weekend Kristin and Darren invited me to their house for dinner. We ended up sitting around after dinner, talking and watching television. We were sitting on the floor when Darren moved right next to Kristin and started stroking her thighs and was kissing her neck. She told him to stop because he was making her horny and she didn't think it was right to do those things in front of company. Actually, watching them was making me horny and I was hoping they might ask me to join them.

Darren looked at me and he had this look in his eyes. He asked me if I cared if he and Kristin excused themselves for a few minutes. I told him that was fine. He came over and kissed me on the cheek (something that is not out of the normal for us) and he told me I had just made him a very happy man. Kristin looked at me and asked me to please excuse her oversexed husband. They set off to their bedroom and left me in the living room.

I was a little bummed out because I hadn't had any action in so long. I was hoping to at least get to watch Kristin and Darren get all hot and bothered. I laid back and closed my eyes, trying to quiet the sexy thoughts playing in my head. The house was really quiet and all of a sudden I could make out Kristin and Darren's voices coming from the bedroom. From the sound of it, they were having quite a good time. I was enjoying what I was hearing and I could feel my body getting very excited and I knew I needed to get myself off.

I grabbed a blanket off the couch and put it around me. I began moving my hands down my body, listening to Kristin and Darren having sex down the hall. In my mind, I was imagining that I was in the room with them. I started rubbing my clit and I could feel an orgasm coming on. I was trying really hard to be quiet, as if Kristin and Darren could hear me, but I also wanted to be able to hear if they had finished up because I didn't want them walking out and finding me finger fucking myself on their floor either. I could hear Darren slapping Kristin's ass and she was screaming that she was ready to cum. I got off right before she did and as I came down from my orgasm, I heard the two of them get off, almost together. It was an amazing thing to hear.

I knew I needed to go wash my hands and put the blanket in the laundry. I got to the bathroom and cleaned myself up. I went to the laundry room and put the blanket at the bottom of the hamper. I went back out to the living room and sat down on the couch.

I actually started to fall asleep when Kristin came back to the living room and sat down next to me on the couch. I opened my eyes and she asked me if I was okay. I told her I was fine. She apologized for Darren's massive sexual appetite and for deserting me. I told her it was okay.

We started talking and Kristin's hand brushed against mine and I felt chills go up my spine. She looked at me and she did it again. This time she kept her hand on top of mine. I was dying. She asked me if I was feeling the same thing she had just felt. I couldn't talk. It was like there was this lump in my throat. I didn't know what to say. Finally I said that yes, I had felt something. She asked me if I thought it was wrong to have a husband but also think a girl could add a little something to your life that had been missing. I was sweating bullets by now because it was like she was reading my mind. I looked at her and said 'I'm straight.' She said to me 'I'm straight too, but I'm curious. What about you?' She knows when I am lying, so I had to tell her the truth. 'I'm curious, too.'

We sat there, with our hands on top of one another's. I don't think either of us knew what to say or do next. Kristin stood up and grabbed my hand and we went out to the hot tub. She stood there and started undressing. I stared at her body, which is amazing and perfect, even after having children. She stripped down to her bra and underwear. I couldn't move. She reached over and pulled me to her. She pulled my shirt up and the feel of her hands against my body made me instantly wet. I reached down and unbuttoned my pants. We still hadn't said anything. She took my hand and we got into the hot tub.

We sat there looking at each other. I finally took my hand and ran it up her thigh. She let out a little sigh and I decided to reach over and put my other hand on her other thigh. She kind of looked at me and then reached up and put her hands on my breasts and started to caress them. I moved my hands up from her waist to her breasts and cupped them in my hands. I reached around and undid her bra and exposed her full D breasts. She then reached around and unhooked my bra, too. She began to trace my nipples with her finger and I did the same to her. We both had erect nipples and we were both really sweaty from the heat of the hot tub.

I reached over and brushed a piece of hair off Kristin's face and she suddenly leaned in and kissed me very tenderly on the lips. I swear I felt that kiss from the top of my head to the tip of my toes. It was the most electric kiss I had ever shared with anyone. Her lips were so soft and she tasted all sweet. I leaned over and kissed her back, and this time it lasted a very long time. I moved my hands to her waist and Kristin put her arms around my neck and moved in closer to me, our bodies touching. It was almost too much.

After quite a few minutes of kissing and touching, we broke apart and tried to catch our breath. I asked if she was okay. She said she was more than okay, she was really turned on. I had to admit I was beyond turned on. She stood up and took off her lace thong and threw it on the deck. She was shaved just like me! Kristin sat down and put her hands around my waist and worked my underwear down my thighs and tossed them aside as well. She asked me if it was okay to touch me. I just nodded.

Kristin played with my clit and kissed me. I began to move my hands over her body and we let one another know what felt good and what didn't as we explored our bodies. We played with one another until we couldn't take it anymore. She got me off and I did the same for her. We both sat back and leaned against each other, holding hands under the water and basking in the afterglow of our mutual orgasms.

Darren came out on the deck. We both just looked at him, not really able to cover up the fact that we were both naked and leaning against one another, holding hands in the hot tub. We didn't move. He stepped into the hot tub and I could make out his erect penis beneath his boxers. He sat across from Kristin and me and put a hand on each of our thighs. He looked us in the eyes and asked why we left him out of the party? Kristin and I both laughed and I think we both breathed a sigh of relief. Kristin reached over and took off Darren's boxers and the party began again. Let's just say, I have plenty more to write about! Until we play together again!



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