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While on the Road

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Being away from home for so long at a time was rough on a man in his twenties. After being gone for a week I needed some relief BAD!


Back when I was in my late twenties, I had a sales job that had me on the road almost constantly and away from home. I lived out of motels and hotels on these trips. It goes without saying, this wasn't at all easy on a man in his twenties when it comes to my sex life or I should say, lack of. Believe me, at that age and after being away from home for a week, that urge to have sex would get overwhelming. I'd end up just seeing a nice looking woman in a tight dress in the hotel lobby would give me an instant erection.

Luckily back then in the information booklets in the guest rooms it was not too uncommon to find the hotel offered in house massage service. At other times, I'd usually be able to find adds in the Yellow Pages offering this service. When I'd use any of these services it was always a case of what would be called 'lust of the flesh'. I'd be in a bad way to feel a woman's body as well as be sexually pleasured by her.

On these times, I'd get to my room and shower and shave and then make the call for the service. If the hotel offered the service, it usually didn't take long before hearing a knock on my door. Otherwise, it could take up to half an hour before I'd hear the knock. I remember I'd always have an erection in anticipation of what was to come.

There is no way that I can cover all of my encounters here so I'll pick one of my most memorable ones. If I remember right, it was a hotel call for her.

I heard the knock on the door and I opened it to find this beautiful light brown skin colored young woman standing there wearing a t shirt and a tight mini skirt. I invited her in eyeing her body as she walked in. She was of Mexican American ancestry and did she look good. We talked and I offered her a drink. She took the drink and sat down. As she did, her skirt rose and she crossed her beautiful legs. Seeing this just added to the hardness of my already hard shaft. I just knew this was going to be good.

We got down to the price for her service and I think we came up with a price of $35 which today would probably be close to $100. I was right up front with what I wanted which above all was her allowing me to touch her beautiful body. She was fine with this.

I stripped off my clothes and laid face down on the bed. She too took off her clothes reveling a fantastic body and lots of black pubic hair on her sweet looking pussy. She came over to the bed and started on my feet and worked her way up. Her hands felt wonderful. She then had me turn over. As always, it was such a thrill at this time to show the woman my male equipment and what she made it do which was to get enlarged and hard. She then went to work on my front side. When she got far up enough that I could reach her I started feeling her body with my hands. I usually started with a hand on there ass. I'd always soon afterwards end up with a hand in between her thighs for a feel of the softest place on a woman's body there just below the pussy. On this occasion, this woman let me put my hand on her pussy and put my middle finger deep into it. I remember how tempted I was to ask her to throw a leg over me and lay on top of me so I could slip into that wonderful feeling pussy. But, I always saved this for when I finally returned home.

She finished the massage and then concentrated on that aching member down between my legs. She oiled up her hand and went to 'work' on it. All the while my hand was taking in the wonderful feel of a woman's flesh. It didn't take me long when the feeling inside me built up and finally hit me as I went to pumping out my cum. When I started to come down from the wonderful feeling orgasm she continued to 'milk' out the last drop of cum from me. My mid section was covered with the thick white stuff as was her hand.

She then brought in a warm wet wash cloth and wiped up the cum and oil. I remember I continued to run my hand over her body as she did this. I just couldn't get enough of the feel of her flesh. It was exceptionally good.

I finally ended up having enough of this job and the being away from home so much and what I had at home. I took on another job that didn't pay as well but a least I wasn't having to pay out the money anymore to take care of my need for the feel of a woman's body and the hand jobs. I had this right next to me every night. Admittedly, I did miss the thing with it being a strange woman I was laying naked in front of though. But it is still better having it so often that goes with being home everyday.



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