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Where Were These Girls When I Was a Teen

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There is some F-F in the mix, but never the two did meet.


I'm a new teacher, so names are changed. I teach phys-Ed, Health, and because new teacher pay sucks, I do every other extra curricular there is. I'm usually at the school from six am with a pre school club to after five with sports. If there is a local tournament or meet. I'm there on Saturday. With this kind of schedule there is not a lot of personal time. I was cautioned not to fish in the company pond as this would get me fired, as I'm not a tenured teacher. Apparently there was a recent issue, and they are hyper sensitive. So I'm horny and frustrated a lot. There are some hot babes that work at the school.

Tuesday and Thursday mornings I have no clubs so I come in and work out at six am. The facilities are open to any teacher or team as long as their coaches would be there. There is rarely anyone there.

I operate under the tutelage of the female Phys-Ed teacher. She is a tenured battle axe, no one likes her, but we get along. She has a bunch of rules to keep my job, and most of them revolve around social/sexual conduct. She has it drummed into me never to be alone with less than five students. Apparently three or fewer are the magic number for sexual harassment charges. All that is background, for the following.

It was Tuesday morning I had just finished my shower after my work out. I was horny as usual and since no one was around, I decided to crank one out. I stepped into a stall, rock hard. I started wanking. I heard someone come in and cursed under my breath. I intended to let things settle down, and then get on with my day, and then I heard GIRLS VOICES. My first impulse would have been to shout at them to get out, but here I was naked with a hard on with only a school towel for cover. (Would not even wrap around me) with the admonishments of coach P rattling around in my head. I raised my feet to the stall door and stayed quiet. Their voices were hushed but I could tell who it was.

There is a clique of three brainy girls that were all early developers. Great T&A real cock teasers. Actually I think their parents held them all out when they were young. They were old enough to be in eighth grade but were in 7th. As everyone knows a half a year or being an early developer can make a huge difference at that age. They were all highly sexually charged and always pushing the boundaries: Not wearing bras to school, or more likely taking them off when they got here; Hacking teachers' power points, by planting dirty stick figures; Leaving a paper mache penis for a teacher getting a divorce. They would rarely get caught but if something like that happened, I would bet their hand was in it. My office is in the locker room. I share several classrooms that are empty otherwise for my classes. I don't usually lock my office other than one file cabinet. The girls, as it became apparent, had the hots for me and wanted to snoop my office for 'jilling fuel'. Their talk was sexually charged! How they had seen my package in the pool and how it was definately 'sfuckable'. They wondered if the three of them were to give me a go, which could make me cum the most. It was doing nothing to calm down my situation, not that it mattered I was committed to my cover position at that point. My office doesn't have a lot of personal stuff. I wasn't worried about them stealing anything.

As they poked around they got to talking about how horny they were. I'm literally dripping Cindy said. The other girls started with what they would do to me if I were there. I began leaking precum. I could not hold back I started to rub the head of my cock with the precum. The girls were remarking that there was nothing to take that would suit their purpose. Then Cristal says maybe we should leave something of ourselves behind that would be sexy. Kim said I could leave my girl cream on his whistle. The other girls said go for it girl. There was silence for a minute, then some quiet encouragement. Chrystal said let me have some of that girl. I could only imagine what was going on. Cindy said this paper cutter handle looks like a dildo, his hands are on it every day. Wouldn't that be hot? Hot to see, said Chrystal. It was becoming clear that naked shared masturbation was not new to these girls. Chrystal then grabs a trophy off the shelf (I only know because after the evidence left behind) Kim says no way that would ever fit. Wanna bet. More silence then soulful moan, and the other girls saying holy **** don't try that on me. Before all was done there were at least three orgasms in my office that morning. The girls then decided to leave their cum soaked panties for me to find, and hustled out. That thought sent me over the edge just as I heard the door close.

This was not the only time the girls visited my office, eventually they found a stash of souvenir bats, I had that I gave out as MVP game awards in baseball. They must have taken over a dozen over the course of the year. I have at least a dozen panties as well, most well crusted with their juices. I like fresh ones the best. The ones from the first morning were still warm when I found them. Zip locked in bags they stay damp and fresh for over a week. Occasionally one of the girls would egg one of their friends to ask me what I found in my office, but I always played dumb.

Without a girlfriend last year was tough, but these girls have provided me with a nice distraction, as I did for them apparently. As we say in Basketball, no blood no foul.



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