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Where There Is a Will, There Is a Way

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Believe it or not, as we grow older libido can actually intensify.


Several years ago, due to prostate CA, I had to have radiation seeds implanted, but fortunately I still had a strong urge to masturbate, even more so than before the treatment began. Regardless, many of us older guys can't usually think erection and get a hardon as when we were younger. Plus, I am taking oral medication which dries up ejaculate so I miss watching cum shoot off. However, with several methods, including watching porn videos while I masturbate, I can still have almost the same intense feeling of a climax.

If you can believe it, at my age I still masturbate for extended periods, once or sometimes twice a day. Quickies are a thing of the past. To be able to have a firm erection I started out with Viagra and progressed to Cialis, which is more effective as the effect may last up to 36 hours.

However, to maintain an erection it requires continual stimulation. No problem there! Due to a delayed climax, I was been advised to try using a vibrator, which has worked wonders. Fortunately, before she passed away my wife taught me to enjoy using hers but it had slipped my mind until a year ago. Thank goodness it still works!

I read Solo Touch and the archives daily which always have me in a mood to masturbate in short order. I have a folder of saved Solo Touch favorite stories; 'Friends with Benefits' is a special turn on one for me.

I became intrigued recently reading some of the contributions regarding using a cock ring. While looking for a rubber band the other day I found a small size but very wide one which ironically fit fairly snugly around the base of my soft dick. Imagine that!

A few nights later I decided to give the new found 'cock ring' a try so before reading Solo Touch I slipped it on. Caution: Being clean shaven makes removal easier later!

To my amazement, after reading a few arousing stories without even touching myself I slowly but surely began to feel a semi-hardon starting and had the former good feeling of pressure building without even masturbating. The more I read the more the rubber band began to tighten and my dick continued to swell.

In only a few minutes my erection felt stronger and looked larger than it had in quite some time. When I was fully aroused, I wondered if I could walk to the bedroom and could stay hard until then. Much to my surprise, as in earlier days, my dick stayed hard and was throbbing with anticipation!!!

I got into bed and turned on my favorite masturbation 'cum shots' porn video and continued to enjoy the feeling of hardness. I was thoroughly enjoying the sensation and started stroke slowly enjoying what I hadn't felt for some time. I could finally stay hard without using the vibrator! After about 45 minutes of manual masturbation I felt I was close to climaxing but still needed the trusty vibrator which is always plugged in and in arms reach.

After a few minutes with the vibrator and continuing to watch the male and female masturbation video and seeing several explosive cum shots I turned it from medium to high and pressed down harder. My body began to tense and shake and I felt spasms building which ended with the most intense orgasm I had experienced in months. Where there is will, there is a way. I also finally learned to time it so I could climax watching someone else cum on video.

So you see, as we grow older, even with medical conditions, libido isn't necessarily lost. Mine has actually intensified, due primarily to remembering my uninhibited wife and the wonderful times we had making love and of course watching her masturbate and learning to use her vibrator. No more quickies though. I have to work a little longer and harder (Hmmm) to reach a climax but who is complaining, definitely NOT ME!

Before she passed away, my wife was concerned who would take care of my daily urges when she wasn't here for me? Thank you for your vibrator Darling! Ah......the fond memories like 'Caught Again Excitement!!!!

If you search the archives you'll find several contributions written by me. Better yet, go to Search Solo: Google on the Home page and type in anything you like and you'll find it there. For example, try 'contributions'.

I hope I've helped some of you older guys. Have a nice climax on me!!! Did you cum??? Did she cum too? Let me know.



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