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When Your Body Let's You Down

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My husband left me for what can only be described as a schoolgirl. She is only 17, and he has no idea what he has let himself in for. He has already lost his job over it, and I figure that soon, when the money runs out, so will she.


Loneliness and betrayal are utterly unpleasant. And in my case, there was a price to pay. Masturbation is great when it is a choice. When it is forced upon one, well, I found that I just could not cum, no matter what I watched/fantasized about or did to myself. Hell, I even tried masturbating outside, and even in public a couple times but all that happened was I got a sore clit!

Then my friend Cathy suggested a girls night out at a club. She is married, but clearly has no idea what 'fidelity' means. Her husband, Chris, is literally working his ass off building up the business, but Cathy, I know screws around.... a lot!

So, one Saturday night, we went out to a club. There were lots of guys hitting on Cathy, but none seemed interested in me. One guy latched on to her and it was obvious she was interested. He had suggested they 'get some air' and Cathy looked at me. Well, what could I do? I nodded my agreement and went back to my solo drink!.

Cathy came back after about 45 minutes looking real flushed. I was ready to go home.

In the car we didn't speak for a few minutes then I said 'So? Did you?' She nodded. She was in the passenger seat and tugged up the short little skirt she was wearing and showed me her panties which were heavily stained and then... ohhhh shit... then the whole car smelt of sperm. Now, I would have to admit that I am something of a sperm-a-holic. I love the feel of sperm on my skin.. the whole nine yards. And there was my best friend, legs spread and I swear I could feel the heat from her recently shagged puss.

I said something lame like 'Fuck, Cath. Put it away, your making me cream myself!' She knew I hadn't had a cum in many months. Then she said 'Pull over'. I thought she felt sick or something so I did. In the laybay, she said 'Put your seat back down.' I did and the next thing I knew, her hand was between my legs! I had no fucking IDEA she had lesbian tendencies, and abso-fucking-lutely sure that I didnt! However, she was working under my panties and my clit real good and, hell, it had been a long time since anyone had masturbated me and I felt myself becoming very VERY aroused.

Cath told me about the guys dick, how thick it was. Then I felt her worm her fingers under my panties and inside me. The next thing I knew I was bearing down on her hands and urging her to finger my asshole too.

Cath started to kiss me. I came.

Unfortunately, it was such a massive, long LONG overdue orgasm that I wet myself. I actually peed into my panties, and all over Cath. She didn't stop what she was doing until I was completely empty and had finished cumming.

Even though I had just had the orgasm of my fucking LIFE, I was still horny and knew I needed a cock. So, I took a deep breath and asked her if I could sleep with her husband. (I knew she wasn't giving him any.) She said 'Uh. Sure. Why not?' So that night, I had the delight of a man fingering my slit and ass, and more besides.

Cath and Chris split up soon after that night, and Chris is with me now giving me everything that I love and everything that Cath would not let him do.



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