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When They're Gone

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Something I do regularly now ;)


I've been masturbating since I was very young. My brother would take me into his room and I'd fondle with his dick as he'd do the same with my clit, sending the rush of pleasure over me.

That was a long time ago and this is today.

My dad used to leave a lot with his girlfriend and her three kids as I would enjoy staying home by myself. I had only one thing on my mind. Just being alone turns me on, thinking of everything I'm going to do to myself. He left to a town about an hour away for shopping and visiting her friends, and I stayed back. After about five minutes I ran up to his room. I knew she had a toy so I looked for it. Finding the blue silicone Dildo with the rabbit eared vibrator brought a playful smile to myself. I laid on my back and turned it on, letting the rabbit head dance on my clit. The surge of pleasure rushed through my vagina and all around. I wanted more, so I let the blue dildo slip into my hole, which was already wet from my spit and my juice. Loving the way it felt, I played with it going back and forth in me and out, the vibrator still on my clit, the pulse making my hips buckle and I began to fantasize that there was a man on me, letting his dick slip in and out as he came in me, making everything so wet and wonderful. Seeing him there made me move my hand faster and faster, his motion gaining as he began to lust for the fuck. Just wanting the pleasure to come faster and faster, ohh the feeling as it slid back and forth. I turned the vibrator off so it wouldn't make this quick. I wanted this to feel like real sex. Oh how it turned me on. My one hand sliding it in and out as my other hand now was massaging my clit, still loving that feeling.

The Dildo's thickness in my tight Vagina, perfect size for me. ' Ohhh Baby! Fuck me harder! Faster! Faster! Yes Ohhhhhhhhh!' I would say out loud, knowing that no one was there. We didn't even have neighbors. I still taunted myself 'Oh baby yes! YES! Faster FASTER! Ohh let your thick dick slide in and out of me, sooo gooooooood! All wet and sliding all around mmmmmmm.' This was it! My legs tensed as I let them close in around the dildo inside me, my hands slowing as I soon came. Moving my hand from my clit but still going at the Dildo. Seeing it took longer to get me off like that, I loved the pleasure seeping though me. 'Ohhhhh, yes yes! Faster harder!' I was an animal when I was horny,..and that's how I was now. Soon after ten minutes of doing that, I slid it out and sucked on the Dildo, getting all my cum off and sliding it back in the drawer. Fondling my clit for another five minutes as I jerked. I didn't want to do anything else. So I jumped in the shower and put on the massage setting the my shower head. Letting the water beat on my clit as I held open my lips, lifting myself closer to it I moaned and began to speak again 'Ohh Yea! Baby don't stop! Fuck me Harder HARDER FASTER!' I Moved it down and let the water beat into me. Seeing that brought me down some, so I moved back to my clit, letting the water beat on me. I came again, the second orgasm of the day. I lay in the shower for some time, relaxed now.

Now, every time I shower, I do that, and when they're gone, I moved to my own little toy, a flashlight that looks like a Dildo. Not quite long enough, but thick, oh yes!

Enjoy your pleasures. Ciao



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