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When the Darkness Is All Around

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I watch her as she sleeps. My eyes travel over the familiar curves of her body, and my heart sings within me as I think about the voyage of discovery we are making together. Not merely the unknown of the deep tropics, but the even more unknown of our sexuality. My mind spins back to earlier this evening. How, in a frenzy of passion as could not keep our hands off each other and how, almost rape-like, she had pushed me against the wall of our cabin and knelt before me sipping the sweet benediction of my love from the cathedral of my sex.

We had talked afterwards, and she told me of an adventure she had. I want to be like her in every way, so I steal out from the cabin dressed only in my short t shirt. I stand on the beach and listen to the sounds of the night and let the tropical breeze carress my legs. Behind me is the darkness of the forest and ahead of me lies the reef with only the sound of the distant breakers for company. I breathe deeply, for I know I am about to commune with the night. I lift the t-shirt from me and let it fall to the sand. I stand, naked in the moonlight aware that my scent is mingling with that of the rainforest. I stand with my legs slightly apart and concentrate on the softness between them. I will my scent to travel on the breeze. To my mind, the forest grows quiet. They are watching me. Unseen eyes, whether of man or beast, I know not. A distant hoot tells me of a male Howler monkey. I step back into the forest and find a small grassy clearing.

I lay down and feel the coolness of the herbage on my back. I spread my legs and open my sex fully to the night. I know there are people about too, but she said that it would not matter. I feel so alive, and so terrified. I start the slow rhythmic stimulation that my body needs and almost at once I am aroused beyond words. I groan; the primal sound erupting from me and echoing into the distant night. I pinch my nipples hard. Hard enough to make me cry out. Again and again, I send the stabs of extacy through my body. I hear something approaching. There is a careful steady tread and I know he is coming for me. My hands spread my lips wide so that he can see me from the darkness. Looking into the forest I see his eyes. They are human, and I find to my disgust that part of me is disappointed. Now, my fingers enter the softness and I begin to let my pleasure mount. I can see his sillhouette now and it is clear he too is aroused. For a moment, we lock eyes and in that second an unseen understanding passes between us. I am his to do with as he pleases and I will not resist no matter how he wants to violate my body. He walks towards me and stands over me and with no more than a glance bids me continue. My back arches as I get close. I look up at him one last time, he is huge, his cock animal like above me with his hand wrapped around the shaft. I hold my breath and for the briefest moment I wonder if he will urinate on me. Then the night dissolves into the holocaust of my orgasm and from deep within it I feel him splatter over my breasts, my face and my hair. When I open my eyes, he is gone.

I return to the cabin where she is waiting for me. Somehow, I knew she would be awake. She looks at me and walks towards me. There is a terrifying look in her eye. She notes the sperm running down my face and tummy. She traces a long elegant finger through it and licks the tip. Then, suddenly, she slaps me hard with the back of her hand and I taste blood. As soon as I fall to the floor she is on me slapping me and making my head spin. Then, there is the instant tenderness of her kisses. She cleans me with her own mouth and that last doubt is dispelled. This is no holiday romance. She is telling me that I am hers now. I may have sperm, but only as she wills it. I am totally submissive to her. My orgasms come so swiftly upon one another they seem to blend into one. After an eternity of loving, she is kneeling on my chest. I look deeply into her eyes, and I feel the salty sting of a tear as it tracks down my face. She too is weeping. Oh, how we can communicate silently. I want her to know I am totally hers; that she owns me body and soul. I place my hands on her hips and raise her to a full kneeling position. Instictively she knows what I want. She sighs, and I feel the flow start as she blesses me into my open mouth.



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