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When the Cat's Away

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Great site! You know: the mouse will play.


It was two Summers ago. My wife wanted to go visit some old friends in Florida and then go on a cruise. I told her to go ahead but not with me. She said OK and would be gone for over three weeks.

After the first week, good old mother nature was working on me big time. I was sure missing her, if you know what I mean. Or, at least what she had. On this one evening, I went to our back yard and was watering the grass. Our next door neighbor's name was Deb. She was around 47 and lived there alone. Soon after I was in the yard, Deb showed up also watering her yard. She was wearing these tight Bermuda shorts and I moved over closer to her yard for a closer look and so we could talk.

I got next to the fence and asked her how she was doing tonight just making conversation. We talked and watered for awhile and finally Deb invited me over for a drink. We sat in lawn chairs with our drinks talking. After awhile, Deb brought up my wife and her trip. She ask 'How long has Mary been gone'? I told her 'Just over a week'. Ded said 'I bet you're missing her'. I answered 'It's not that bad until bed time' with a big smile on my face. Deb laughed and said 'Aw, poor man. I bet you do'.

Our conversation then got more of a sexual nature then. Deb ask 'How often do you and Mary do it'? I told her 'Three, maybe four times a week'. Deb said 'Wow! And it's been over a week now without her'? I said 'That's right and I'm sure feeling it'. Deb again said 'Poor man'.

I then said 'You remember those massage places that used to be around'? Deb said 'Yes'. I said 'I sure wish they were still around right now. I'd sure be visiting them now. I can tell you this much'. Deb ask 'What would you do there'? I told her 'You know what they did there. You know; those happy endings'. Deb laughed and said 'Weren't those getting a hand job'? I said 'yes'.

Deb then surprised me by saying 'You know, I've given men my share of hand jobs. I'll be glad to give you one if you'd like'. I looked at her and said 'No, I don't think so as much as I'd like to'. Deb said 'Up to you. It'd be just between you and me, remember'. I kept looking at her and then I looked at her beautiful body and then said 'Will just be our little secret you said'? She said 'Mary will never know a thing. I promice'.

I got up facing her and pointed at my shorts. It was very obvious that I was hard just from our talking about this and me looking at her. Deb said 'I see that part of you sure wants it'. I laughed and said 'Does it ever'! Deb got up and said 'Come on in, big man. I'll take good care of you'. I followed her into her house looking at her fine ass as she walked and thinking about how good it would feel in my hands. We got in and I quickly asked her 'You will have your shorts off, won't you'? Deb said 'I've been around awhile, remember. You're not my first man and I know. You just pretend you're in one of those places and get yourself ready and I'll be right back'. I then ask 'you know what this means, don't you'? She said 'I know. go ahead'.

She left the room and I took off all my clothes and laid face down on the bed. Soon after, Deb returned wearing a short, see thru little night gown. When I saw her I said 'Oh my god'. Deb said 'Now, now. I know it's been awhile'. I told her 'You look so good'. She was carrying a towel and a bottle of some kind of lotion. She came over next to me and again said 'You just pretend you're in one of those old massage places again'.

She started on my feet, then my legs, my butt, back and shoulders. It felt so good having this woman's hands on my body. She then said 'Time to turn over now'. The excitment of the moment was indescribable. I was going to expose myself to this beautiful younger woman for the first time and what a feeling this is to a man. I turned over looking at her eyes as she looked at my manhood. It was literally throbbing with excitment.

Deb proceeded to give me a massage on my front side. I then told her 'Oh Deb. Please. I can't wait any longer'. Deb knew what I meant and grabbed the lotion. Without even asking, I placed my hand on her ass. I just had to feel her. She covered my manhood with lotion and then put it in her hand. It felt wonderful. My hand went all over her body feeling its wonderful softness. Deb slowly went to giving the up and down motion of a hand job. I could feel my orgasm building very quickly in me and as it did, I ran my hand up her soft thigh to her pussy. I then told Deb 'aw, aw I'm about to come. Ah Deb, ah' and I went off. It felt fantastic. Deb was saying 'Oh, come for me. Give me your cum, yes, all of it', etc.

When it was over, I looked down and Deb's hand and my mid section was covered with cum. I couldn't believe that I'd turned loose that much at my age, but I did. Deb then cleaned us up.

Well, three nights later, Deb and I were at it again. Only this time, Deb was nude and laying on the bed and it was I that was giving her a massage. I too was nude for this and sure enough, it happened. When it got time for me to give her a happy ending, I got so overwhelmed that I ended up using more than my fingers to get her off. I'll just leave it at this.



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