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When My Girlfriend Is Out

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Solo Touch is a great site and I hope you enjoy my experience because I sure did!


So, my girlfriend has a twin brother named Chris. Having known my girlfriend for five years Chris and I are constantly around each other. We are friends but not brotherly. This is due to the fact that Chris is gay. Not that I am against gayness but it's just hard to hang out and talk with such a huge difference between us.

Anyway my girlfriend went out with her mother to go shopping. Since her mother does not work but both of my parents do, I offered to let Chris hang out with me. He showed up around ten in the morning to ride my ATV's on my property. We got back about two hours later and covered in mud.

We headed straight into the laundry room and stripped down to our boxers. We have seen each other in swim trunks every time when my girlfriend brings him over to swim so it wasn't weird or anything. (My girlfriend is always making fun of us about shaving out armpits but I hate having hairy pits.) After checking for ticks on each other (I hate the little blood suckers) we went up to my room to shower. I went first giving him time to find clothes since his were covered in mud.

While I was in the shower Chris opens the door and asks, 'Hay, can I pee in here real quick?' I'm like what the hell? I've got four other bathrooms in my house and only two of them are private. But I say sure anyway. I have a glass shower right next to the door and the toilet is across from it on the other side of my rarely used bath. He walks in clearly trying not to look at me. I'm not shy about my body or anything we both have good bodies I could care less if he saw my dick. But I watched him the whole time out of the corners of my eyes. So he takes a good three minutes to pee and not once looking over at me. But then on his way out I see him look over in my mirror which I know looks into my shower. I tried to look as though I hadn't seen him. But I was really interested in how he thought about me.

When I am all done in the shower, not only am I horny but I've got all these schemes in my head of how to tease Chris. So I walk out completely naked sporting a semi hard dick. (I am proud to say I am seven inches when hard and am also pretty thick. I keep the hair to a minimum but am still pretty hairy.) Well, he looks like a deer in headlights and I couldn't help but smirk as he stared at me walking to my closet. He didn't say anything probably because he couldn't think of anything to say.

While he took his shower I just put on boxers and shorts trying to be comfortable yet still get him going. He took a good fifteen minute shower and then walks out wearing another of my shorts and a white t-shirt.

So having a good three hours till my parents got home I offered to chill on my bed and watch some TV. Lucky enough there was a good movie on so he agreed and laid down next me to watch.

It was about 90 degrees out so I had my balcony door open to let a breeze in. We were still sweating though.

We just started to talk casually about his sister and what we wanted to do before summer ended. Thinking that this was a good time I asked him, 'So are there any guys you are into around here?' and after looking at me as though he was in shock he says, 'Umm, Everyone here is straight'. Knowing this was just a diversion I asked, 'Does that mean you don't like them cuz I for one know some pretty hot lesbians.' (True) He took the hint and with a smirk larger than mine he says, 'Do you ever think about getting together with another guy?' I'm thinking 'Oh shit, I just cornered myself.' But trying to stay cool I said, 'Umm, I'll always be straight but I guess I think about what a guy would be like.' Now that the ball was in his field he jumped on it and said, 'I've never done anything but I think a guy could be with another guy without being gay.' With this I started to get hard for the second time that day and wearing only shorts it is really hard to hide.

He noticed and went in for the kill by saying, 'You know my sister would never know.' And almost as an afterthought, 'We could still be friends like normal.' I must have had the most stunned face because he looked completely shot down. As I started to scoot over toward the edge of the bed it hit me. I was really horny and a guy probably would be better. So, I looked at him and said, 'You swear not to tell anyone?' Taking his smile as a yes I move against him and grabbed my now hard dick through my shorts which causes the head to fall out the top of my shorts. He just starts taking it all off. Following suit I pulled my shorts and boxers off and chucked them off my bed.

Both of us are now naked and neither wants to be the first to make a move. Causing a very awkward moment. Then Chris takes his hand off his now hard dick (six and a half, not as thick as mine and completely shaved) and reaches over and takes mine. He didn't grab hold but just kind of ran his hand along my shaft and then played with the head. Trying to enjoy this great feeling I put my hands behind my head and let him explore. After a few more times over my dick Chris rolled over my legs so the head of his dick was against my balls. He then started to explore the rest of my body. He ran his hands across my shaft and up my chest. Then he began playing with my nipples forcing me to gasp because it felt so good. He then moved up so our dicks were pressed up against each other and took my hands in his own. I could feel his sweat covered chest pressed up against mine and smell his clean body. Caught up in the moment I didn't even think twice when I felt his lips touch mine and we started making out for what seemed like a long time. (This was mainly due to the fact that he had never kissed anyone and I had to take over and guide him.)

Chris then broke away and rolled over on his back allowing me to take control. I reached down and grasped his dick in both my hands and used his now massive amount of precum to stroke his hot dick. For a good five minutes I stroked his dick being the first dick other than my own I had felt. Then Chris pushed himself into me and began rubbing his hot, tense body against mine. In doing this he let his dick slip under my balls and rub against my ass. It felt so good and I mean GOOD.

We went on for another 15 minutes or so stroking each other and kissing until Chris said, 'Oh my God, I can't take it.' At this I rolled on top of him once again and began stroking our dicks together using my right hand to play with his head and using my left hand I ran my fingers over his ass until he let lose a huge load of cum with a loud moan. He shot all over both our chests and down my dick. I continued to push our dicks against each other's using his hot cum as lube. After only four more strokes I shot the biggest load of my life up our chests with two ropes landing over Chris's shoulder on my bed. Every muscle in my body suddenly relaxed and I fell on top of Chris feeling our cum slide between our sweat covered bodies. We kissed once more then I got up to see the mess we made. We were covered in cum. Chris more than me though. We quickly ran to my shower and let the water wash it off. The sour smell of cum was so strong though we ended up showering together little more than an hour after Chris got out.

After we washed off the smell of our escapade and remade my bed making sure the cum was not visible since my mother would probably think Chris's sister and I were having sex. (Still haven't by the way) We headed downstairs and played some bubble and air hockey until my parents arrived home.

Chris and I are definitely closer to each other, more like brothers now. It was really strange though on the very same night to cuddle with his sister when Chris was sitting on the couch across from us. We made plans to get together the next time my girlfriend is out without us and see what else will happen between us. And just to say though I am still straight that was the best time I think I will ever have.



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