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When I'm Alone

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I have been masturbating for as long as I can remember. I think back to my first time I was at my grandparents house. I started rubbing my forearm against the tip of my dick, I don't even think it got hard the first few times but it felt so good. I was probably about 9 or so. It was a warm felling and I could feel something inside of myself building up. A bit of precum would come out. I loved it I would soon find out what was building up inside me.
I have become addicted to masturbation. I am 26 now and masturbate to every little chance I get. I have the quick rubs here and there, or the relieving of the morning wood rub off, with some shampoo or lotion. But we I get the chance to really get into it I go all out.
My fiancee has a vibrator that I love to use on her, but when she is out for the night I love to use it on myself. We have full length mirror doors on our closet in our bedroom and I love to strip down of the floor and watch myself. I use to lube my dick and ass up with some lube we bought at an adult sex store. I would take her vibrator and stick it in my ass with my left hand and use my other to stroke my cock and I would pace myself to make sure to make it last at least an hour. I was always amazed at how much more cum I would shot by myself than with her. I would literally collapse and shiver. I always loved sticking things in my ass since I was about 14. I got the idea from reading a book I found in my parents closet the 'Joy of Sex.'
I soon got creative. I was at my hardware store and was looking for something new to use. I decided the vibrator worked well but wanted to improve it. I wanted to be hands free so I could stroke my 8 inch cock with both hands. So I decided to by a plunger and a coupler that I could fit on the end of the plunger and the stick the vibrator into the other end of the coupler and tighten it with a screw. All items to be normal around the house and no body should suspect anything. I wanted to keep this to myself. Not that I was or am embarrassed by this but, it is my secret. I really don't want to share it with my fiancee.
Anyways I took my newly purchased items home and could not wait to be left alone for the night. I could not stop thinking about how well my new invention would feel. Finally I am alone for the night. I went upstairs put on a good porn and stroked my dick lightly for a while. I could not fight the urge any longer. I took my newly purchased plunger and fastened the coupler to the end of the stick, I then took my fiancee's vibrator and stuck it into the coupler. I lubed it up and stuck the plunger onto the mirrored closet door. Now I could ride the vibrator and have both hands free. I lubed up my ass and now really swollen dick. I laid on my back and stroked my dick then slid the vibrator into my ass. I used both hands to play with my balls and stroke my hard pulsating dick. It felt so good every time the vibrator touched my prostate I would get closer to orgasm. I unmounted myself from the vibrator and raised the plunger up the mirror. I got on all fours and slip back down the vibrator. I hit the spot like a pro. I was feeling the best I had ever, no women has made me feel the way I had made myself feel that night. I pulled a towel off the foot of the bed and laid it out in front of me and blew my cum all over the towel. I had three orgasms in a row and came twice, in a matter of 45 minutes. I try to this once a week or so. The plunger will get suction anywhere the is a flat surface, shower, floor, wall, door where ever.
Give it a try you may love it like I do.



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