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When I Was a Masseuse

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Working in a 'massage spa' in the 70s.


Back in the 70s, I worked as a masseuse in a massage spa. It was a fairly legitimate operation that I was at and the most I did other than give body massages was offered what were commonly known as 'happy endings' to my customers. Of course, these being hand jobs. I wouldn't have any other sex acts with them although many of them wanted other things.

Then, there were the young men that came in. Under aged for a place like this as far as any form of having sex with them. If I had any doubt about there age, I'd check there ID. Many would be 16 or 17 years old and I'd take them in for a massage only. Here is how it very often went.

They'd undress and lay on the table. I'd put a towel over there butts and start the massage. As with all my customers, I'd be dressed in a sexy negligee and all my customers enjoyed looking me over, young or older men. I'd give them a massage on there back side and when finished would have them turn over. They'd turn and I'd again make sure there 'privates' were covered with the towel.

Needless to say, a towel didn't do much to conceal what they had going on under it. A pulsing erect penis is hard to hide and these young men would always be erect. When the massage was winding down, I could always see it in there eyes that they wanted me to remove the towel and do something. A lot of them would ask me 'how much' questions and a lot of them were talking about wanting pussy. I'd then tell them that I could get in trouble if I even touched them inappropriately. They'd always have the most heart breaking looks on there faces at this time.

I'd then tell them that they are free to 'relieve themselves' if they wanted. Most would then ask 'will you watch'? I'd tell them 'yes, if you'd like. I won't get in trouble with the law for this'. It was always something to watch them as they removed the towel at this time. For most, it was a case of showing there genitals to a member of the opposite for there first time and they were all excited about this. They lay there with there eyes looking straight at mine and I'd go along with thrilling them by looking straight at there erect penises. They'd be rock hard and jumping with there pulse beat.

They then put there hand around it and start with the stroking all the while looking at my eyes and then looking down at my tits or my pussy area or my thighs. Then, back up to my eyes again. Something that I'll never forget was the fantastic 'cum shots' these young fellow gave! They'd really shoot. It would often go over there heads. There were some that would aim there penises at me wanting to shoot off on me. Even at there young inexperienced age, they'd have the urge to cum on a girl. They, just like the older men, loved having me watch them ejaculate. I think this is something true of all men.

Well, since the 'spas' closed, I've been sexually satisfying only one man in every way imaginable. And has he ever loved it!



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