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When Hubby's Away

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This is a little payback for all the fun I've had reading here


Hi, my name is Janice and I found your site totally by accident while looking through my husband's favourites on the computer, I thought 'what the heck is Solo Touch' and here I am an avid reader and supporter.

That was little over a year ago now..

And it's taken me this long to pluck up enough courage to write down my story.

I guess I just wanted to try and put something back for all the nights and afternoon I've been alone when hubby was out on business, my moments of lonely passion!!

I'm 37 years old, 5'9'. I have 36 inch full natural breasts, which have dark areolas the color of milk chocolate, and when erect my nipples measure maybe three quarters of an inch, I have mousey blonde hair, which I keep in a pony tail when I work out, my skin is soft and lightly tanned and I have a trim body, I work on my diet, I try not to eat chocolate and I work out on the running machine hubby bought for me, I swim every daily in our pool..

I eat right, no junk just fresh fruit and vegetables.

The children have all left to start a new life and this leave Janice with time on her very active hands!!

I live in the south west side of Florida and my husband can be away for a week at a time, and sometimes longer depending on what he finds when he gets there.

So, the first night that I found your site I must have fingered myself to orgasm seven times.. OMG I just couldn't stop myself, I just kept coming and coming...

I got so wet at one point I had to get a towel for the computer chair; it was literally gushing out!

Before I start masturbating I must be 100% sure that it's going to be just me, so what I do is call hubby on the phone before I start to make sure he is at the hotel, I don't want him walking in on me, he almost caught me red handed last year, then I call the children and make sure everyone is ok for the afternoon or night, and I'm not going to be needed to baby sit, once I know I'm not going to be disturbed, I'm secure in the thought, and it's at this point my heart jumps a beat, I feel like I'm about to meet my new lover for the first time, my mind runs wild just thinking about how I'm going to tease my nipples or play with my pussy, what should I do first, what will I use, how should I do it this time, what new stories will I find on Solo Touch...

Well, sometimes just to get me in the mood I will jump in the Jacuzzi and get the water jets working on my body, I'll take along one of my husbands porn magazines and flick through it while I playfully move around the warm water, stopping only to let the jets work at my excited body, I'll get out after maybe 30 minutes and dry off, put on my gown and move to the bedroom and turn on the computer screen, then as I click on the Solo Touch website, I start to feel that familiar feeling of excitement as I open up the webpage and start to read... I start by reading stories about girls masturbating (F) and then move to girls with other girls (FF) at this point I'll be wearing my dressing gown but nothing else underneath, I think reading has always turned me on and Solo Touch gets me oh so very hot.

I can still remember that first night on Solo Touch, I read and read and read until about 5 AM that first time, I just couldn't stop myself, I was intoxicated by your site and the hot stories.

My technique, well my hands always start out on my breasts and nipples, just a gentle circular round and round motion as I begin to read the stories, if I find something that makes me excited in the story, I'll start flicking at my nipple, as I become more and more aroused, my nipples start to get harder to this teasing touch, I always try to locate more and more stories, ready for the short time when I need them, I'm now reading stories of girls licking hard at each others pussies, playing with each others nipples, fingering fucking each other, or using dildos, my warm aroused state soon changes, to wet and juicy, this in turn makes me want to start pulling and tugging harder at my nipples harder and harder as I read... (Just like they are now)

I have always masturbated like this, my breasts always come first, then when I'm really hot and wet I'll move down and give my clit some attention, she's always been partial to my index finger, vibrators, or my girlfriends touch, I usually put the story I'm reading onto a full page so it fills the screen, now I can read but still use both hands at the same time.,

My right hand will be playing with my nipples, moving from left to right as I need them, my left hand is down on my now excited clit, I'm looking at it right now its like my little joy button ready to be push started, she's sticking out of me right now, I'm rubbing myself while I write this here on the computer, I'm so wet!!.

I usually stop only briefly to find another girl and girl story, I can go for about 40 minutes like this before I just can't take it anymore and I feel I need to get myself off, however sometimes to make my first session last longer and my orgasm that much bigger I'll try to calm down a little, I will still continue to read slowly, maybe even read the same story twice, I particularly love long stories with lots of detail, details like the age of the girls, hair colour, the locations, the size and shape and how they make each other come, I will usually have an orgasm at this point, it kind of creeps up on me and just explodes inside me, after I've had my first orgasm I will usually take off my gown and throw it over on the bed.

After my first orgasm I loose my inhibitions and I can be completely naked, I enjoy looking at body,.

I'm sat on the edge of the computer chair my hips are pushed forward to allow a little more intense action down below, clit is now also crying for more serious attention.

I try and hold her off for now, and I will usually have two more orgasms like this, just reading and rubbing my nipple, when I'm ready to come, I'll rub my clit with my finger and this will usually gets me off in seconds, I'm now so excited writing this I just can't stop playing with myself, it's so strange being horny at my own technique and story, I suppose knowing so many will get off on what I write here, my clit is now sticking up.

Generally by the third orgasm, I'm sweating and I need to get something hard inside me, so I get up from the computer and get my favourite toy from my secret drawer which is way at the back of my wardrobe,.. no one knows it's there, it's just for me...it's my secret. This adds a thrill to the situation, it's like being that naughty girl again, back in my lonely bedroom all those years ago.

What I will do now is take my favourite toy, my pink rabbit ears vibrator...the best purchase I ever made, it's just about the right size for me, it's not too big and it's not too small, I quickly move back at the computer, again on the edge of my chair...

I start reading again, I place the vibrator against my slit which is now dripping wet,

I work the vibrator up and down my wet slit, within minutes my breathing becomes eratic with anticipation, my body knows my big hard pink vibrator will be inside me very soon, but I yearn for it up me now, I hold off as long as I can, I cruelly tease my pussy hole, just occasionally moving the vibrator down to my hole and gently darting it in and quickly out, this almost makes me come, my breasts are heaving up and down my breath quickens my mouth is dry, I just love to look at the size of my nipples while I play with them, sometimes I'll pull my full breasts up and try to suck on them, they are usually so hard and firm by now I can just about do anything I like to them..,

I try to hold off the inevitable for as long as possible, I have found over the years the longer I can put it off, the stronger the intensity of my orgasms will be...

By now I'm right on the very edge of my chair, I'm completely naked... My long tanned legs are open and draped apart, my feet are hung over the computer desk, I'm shaking with anticipation, I can smell my own smell drifting up from pussy, that unmistakeable smell of woman sex, by now I desperately need something hard inside me, my pussy is aching with the pleasure, I want it up me now, I'm so hot, I'm so wet... I'm rubbing it up and down my wet slit faster and faster, I'm now letting the rabbit ears gently vibrate my clit just a little at a time 2 or 3 seconds burst, I'm almost coming by this point...

It's not inside yet, I try to prolong this part as long as I can.

My dazed fingers are still pulling at my nipples which have become rock hard, and feel like pebbles to my frantic manipulation and touch, just before the point when I know I can't hold back any longer... I push down hard against my vibrator, it pops inside me like a key in a lock, my feelings are intense, that wonderful feeling of being filled up inside, I'm so wet, as it slides in I turn all the buttons on, this makes the big cock part swivel and turn around and round, it makes it gyrate from side to side inside me, it's an exquisite feeling which it creates down there and I continue to ride my make believe cock, pushing myself further down into the computer chair I push up against my wet frantic cunt the vibrator is hard and it feels like its too big, my legs are moving uncontrollable on the computer desk, my pussy muscles are gripping hold of my toy, I'm pulling harder at my now red and puffy nipples... faster and faster I go as I ride that all too familiar pleasure wave... fucking myself harder, deeper and faster with my big imitation cock, my clit is now sticking right out and is getting teased and pleasured by the vibrations from the rabbit ears, each time I push against my toy the ears wash over my clit again and again, the vibrations are so intense at this point, I see or hear nothing else around me.. Then from that dark place, it happens I explode all over my vibrator as my second and most intense orgasm rips through my shaking body, I lay dazed for a time, my legs sprawled over the computer desk... the vibrator is sticking out of my pussy, and its still buzzing like an over worked animal, I take my other hand and I prise open my pussy, I gently pull out my vibrator, it feels like at first pussy doesn't want to let go, but I make her give it up, I wipe myself a little with the towel and I try to regain some normality to the situation, I'm so buzzed but I'm still horny, I carry on like this until I orgasm one more time, or until I'm totally exhausted at which point I will crawl over to my bed and I fall asleep in total exhaustion.

Sometimes I wake in the early hours, feeling horny.. if my body is up for it I will go and read some stories and maybe get myself off again, I can go on like this for hours and hours..

I'm so wet writing this....I'm going to have to go and get my vibrator and fuck myself until I come... four minutes later!! OMG that was so good I can concentrate a little more now.,

I love my private time alone, I plan my days around masturbation, time when I know hubby will be away, I never masturbate when he's at home..

I've come three times writing this to Solo Touch... OMG!! I'm so wet.

I'm going to write again soon and share with you the first time my girl friend and I made love, it was long before she or I had children... We still meet from time to time, she lives in London, and we only see each other during holidays or special occasions, but when we get together, we always make love....

I love to masturbate because I can do what I like, whenever I like, I have no pressure to please someone else, just me... and I can be as selfish as I like, I can make it last for hours and hours if I want to, or just 5 minutes to get off.

I hope you enjoyed my technique,...

Happy friggin girls!!




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