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Wheel Chair Sexuality

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I have been in a wheel chair since a car accident at age 13. Prior to the accident I had begun to have sexual feelings but I had never had an orgasm. After the accident I found myself in a chair permanently with little use of my hands and arms. I went to a special program to learn to adapt to life in a chair but my situation made dating and normal boy-girl relationships impossible. Ultimately I was mainstreamed back into highschool and even managed to graduate from college although it was several years late (at age 24).
In college I had a few dates, but my circumstances were just too difficult for most boys to have patience with. During my 20's I continued to have sexual feelings, especially when I was around boys or talking with friends about their sexual experiences. I tried touching myself many times, but I never was able to experience a climax. This was largely because I unable to exert enough sustained pressure at the right place to make myself orgasm. Also, I didn't know what to expect or how to make it all happen. I had begun to think that the accident had destroyed my ability to experience a climax.
A few months ago my family physical reccommended massage therapy to help with circulation and I found a female maseuss who agreed to work with me. When she began to work with me we soon became good friends and during our sessions she asked me about my ability to have sexual feelings. I was honest with her and she in turn reccommended an electric massage device, one designed to apply vibrating pressure to stimulate circulation.
At my next visit, she arranged for me to be the final patient of the day and produced a machine that she said that she had purchased for me. After our regular session, she plugged the device in and showed me how it could be used to promote circulation, by running the machine around the backs of my legs and onto my bottom. I was lying on my tummy at the time that she began her demonstration and she turned the machine on and guided it from my knees all the way up to my bottom. Every time the machine with its rhythmic humming and pulsating vibrations approached my bottom, a feeling of warmth and excitement enveloped my vagina. In fact as she began moving the device up and down my legs, I was soon clenching my bottom together and pressing myself against the surface of the table that I was lying on.
Watching my undulations she laughed and commented that she might have found the secret to my problems. I was lost in the new feelings of the vibrations that were pulsating between my rear end and the increasingly wet spot that I was making on the massage table. As she shifted the rotations of her device to concentrate on my bottom, the vibrations reached a new intensity and I relaxed opening my legs so that she could put pressure and the wonderful vibrations directly on my wetness. As I gasped in pleasure she parted my legs, pressed her massager into the space between my anus and vagina and turned the vibration intensity up to a higher frequency. As she held the device against me she reached underneath my hips and began to directly pressure my vagina and clitoris with her hand. And that was when it happened. I exploded having the orgasm that had eluded me for so many years.
When I came I gasped and went into convulsions of spasms, grinding my body back and forth between her hand in front of me and the massager that was relentlessly humming against my rear.
When I had finally calmed down she moved the massager up to my back and continued my massage, relaxing me until I finally fell asleep.



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