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'What's Come'?

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Overheard boys talking and I was just curious.


Back when I was 14 or 15, I'd heard these boys talking about something they called come. I didn't know what they were talking about and I'd heard them talk about it before. After school while walking home with a neighbor boy talking I figured I'd ask him what it was and he'd tell me. So, I asked him 'Steven; what's come'? Steven looked at me real funny and said 'what do you mean' I told him 'I sometimes here boys at school talking about come and there come and stuff like that'. Steven's face turned a little red as he knew what 'come' I was talking about.

He told me 'do you really want to know'? I told him that I did. He acted real shy and was still a bit red in the face as he talked. He said 'well, you know what sperm is, don't you'? I told him 'yes' as we'd covered this in school. Steven then said 'they are talking about sperm and when it comes out of them boys call it cum'. I said 'oh'.

All this did was get me that much more curious. So, I asked Steven 'what's it look like'? Steven's face again turned red. He said 'do you really want to know'? I answered 'yes'. He then said it was a thick white liquid. I then asked 'how's it come out'? Steven said 'it squirts out'. This just amazed me even more and I wanted to see this. So, I asked Steven 'will you show me'? Steven really turned red and asked 'do you really want to see it'? I said 'yes'.

We got to my house and I'd be home alone for two more hours and I invited Steven in. When we got in I turned to him and asked 'well, aren't you going to show me'? Steven said 'are you sure you really mean it'? I said 'yes'. He asked 'where can we go'? I answered 'how about in the bathroom'? He said 'OK if you really want to see it'. I turned and headed to the bathroom with Steven behind me. We got in and I turned standing there waiting.

Steven was so nervous as he undid his belt and lowered his pants. I could see in his briefs that he was all big and hard. He slowly lowered his briefs and showed me his penis. I'd never seen a boy's penis when it was like this. I knew enough to know it was ready for having sex with a girl. He wrapped his hand around it and went to pumping it. In a short while Steven said 'I'm coming. Watch it come' and he let out a grunting sound as the first squirt of the stuff shot out to the floor. Then another and another. I was fascinated at watching this. When he was through, he showed me his hand and said 'well, there's some cum'. I touched it with my fingers and felt how slimmy feeling it was. I told him 'that was neat'.

Steven told me not to tell anybody about this and went home. The next day at school I asked Steven 'when can we do it again'? Steven was all excited about this and said 'want to do it again today'? I could tell he sure liked having me watch him and see him. I told him 'OK but will you let me do it this time'? Steven said 'you bet'! Of course I've long since learned that boys (and men) absolutely love having us touch them there and play with them and they also love having us see them squirt there cum. Of course, they also love putting there cum in other places too but this isn't part of this site.



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