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What We'd Like To Do.

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I've been out with my friend Lisa many times & we almost always get hit on by one or more guys each time. We both have nice bodies & believe if you got it, flaunt it. It's lot's of fun & we've had quite a few great nights with some guys & if not we'll sometimes go back to my place & watch some of my lady porn & enjoy our bodies together. We talked about doing something really sexy one night soon. I'm going to tell you all about our fantasy now.


We're at a club & being hit on by a few guys as usual. We notice one young guy off by himself who looks shy but really hot. He's about 21, 5'10" with a slim build & very clean cut.

Lisa & I make our way over to him & ask him if he wants some company. He's very shy but not too shy to ignore two older beautiful ladies. We tell him we want him to come home & watch us make love to each other & he agrees coming back to my place.

We go inside & tell him we're going to take off all of our clothes while he sits & watches us, then we're going to kiss, suck each others breasts & then manoeuvre into a 69 & lick our clit's until we each cum over & over while he watches us.

Once we have him turned on to the max we tell him there's one thing he must do first. He must get naked & masturbate for us before we'll put on our show. Reluctantly he takes off his clothes & reveals an amazingly hot body. When his shorts come off his cock is big & thick shaved clean like the rest of his body. I point out where he must sit & tell him to begin masturbating or the deal's off. He shyly grabs his thick long cock & stroked it for us. We watch a moment & tell his to stop. I tell him there's one more thing I forgot to tell him. He must ejaculate into his hand & drink up his semen or we can't fulfil our end of the deal. He said no but when we say the night is over he gives it second thought. I tell him he should know what semen tastes like so he understands what his girlfriends are tasting.

I make him sit back down & he begins to stroke his big hot cock once again. Both of us coax him along telling him how hot he looks & how nice his cock is. Soon he's ready to cum but stops masturbating. His cock is at it's maximum hardness throbbing & he moans saying he does not want to do it. I take his hand & tell him to stand up for us. I tell him he's so close to seeing us nude & making love together & all he has to do is cum & enjoy his own love juices while we watch. Then we're his to watch.

I pull him to his feet & put his hand to his cock again & tell him I'll help him. He grasps his cock & I hove his hand in an up & down motion. "There that's it jerk it nice & catch all that hot semen in your palm". He stands straight & tall looking like a Greek God. His head is high & then he said he's about to cum. "Good" I tell him. "Keep stroking that nice cock & squirt all that semen in your palm for us. Then we'll watch you lick it up & swallow it down". His hand keeps a steady pace stroking up & down his cock. His breathing gets louder & faster & his chest is expanding pulling his tiny waist in tight. His shallow six pack is topped with the slight shadow of his ribcage & perfect pecks flexing with every stroke. I tell him to keep going & I grab his other hand pulling it forward to catch the semen. Just before he shoots his first stream of semen I remind him not to spill a drop. He cups his hand & throws back his head. He grunts out a long low moan then his body bucks with each long stream of semen that shoots from his big cock. He shoots string after string of hot white cum into his cupped palm still moaning with pure pleasure. His head now forward watching to ensure all the semen is squirting into his palm.

The semen stops shooting out but his body is not done enduring the nice orgasm he has just given himself. He stands before us with a huge load of white hot semen while trying to regain his composure. "Did you have fun masturbating for us" I ask? He says it was more fun than I can imagine but said he does not want to do what we have asked of him. I tell him no deal if he doesn't then I step forward & dip two fingers into the hot semen. I pull out a good gob & wipe it on my tongue then kiss him with my tongue in his mouth. I do the same to Lisa & remind him of what he'll be missing if he does not drink up. I take his hand & gently pull it up to his mouth. I tell him its' time to do it now. He closes his eyes, tilts his head back & puts his hand above his mouth tilting it so the semen slowly drools out into his open mouth. We watch two huge globs slide out & drop in. I put my hand to his chin & tell him to open his throat & let it slide down. His eyes open wide & we see his throat open & swallow. He shudders & I tell him he's not done & needs to lick his hand clean. There's a good amount still stuck to his hand that he licks off & swallows up for us.

"Good boy" I say. Now it's our turn. Lisa & I take off all our clothes & make love for him. We first sit with our feet hooked together & masturbate showing his well we can orgasm. After a long masturbation show do as promised & begin making love sucking each others breasts. When we move into our favorite 69 position & begin licking our clits he's hard again & starts to masturbate while watching us. When he does finally cum we tell his to stand before us & squirt into our open mouths. He does what he'd told & gets into position. He jerks at his big thick cock & he's soon ready to cum. He stands in front of us & we open our mouths ready to taste what he did a short time before. He shoots long streams of semen from one mouth to the other sharing equally between us. His load is long & shoots hard filling our mouths. We swallow down his sperm & then we all hug & we tell his it's time to go.

I don't think we can really pull off a night like that but it's fun dreaming. We may try something similar soon & if anything comes of it I'll write & tell you all.

I hope you enjoyed our fantasy. I'm not going to tell Lisa about Solo Touch though. I share too many personal secrets here.



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