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What Was Owed To Me

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I thought our lunch was over, but then he said 'You still have not shown me your car.'

We had not seen each other in years. We were just meeting for lunch. Old friends. Ex roomates. Somewhat recently we reconnected online, and in the past few months our online chatting turned to heavy flirting.

I had a thing for him back in the day. Nothing came of it in the short time he stayed with us, mainly because he had a girlfriend (long distance) and I had a boyfriend (who lived with us), but also because his stay with us was short. Now we are both happily married, and yet we flirt. It's fun and harmless, right? We spend the day chatting online with each other, and go home to our spouses, who reap the benefits of our increased libidos.

I have huge tits, and tend to wear low cut shirts, being sure to show lots of cleavage. He has seen pictures, and has said a few times that should we meet up again, he would find it very difficult to refrain from reaching into my shirt.

Another frequent topic of our online chats is disappointment that while we lived together I never accidentally-on-purpose walked in on him when he was in the shower. We would talk about how I was 'owed' a peek, and joke about 'that time I caught him jerking off' that never really happened. Often he would joke that if we ever managed to get together for lunch, that he would give me the peek I never got all those years ago. He joked about maybe going for a drive and perhaps he would 'adjust himself' so that I got a look. We always said no touching.

We kept up the chatting, constantly hinting at what could, but never really would happen. He kept asking me if I thought I would freak out if he did whip it out, and at one point I told him that after all this talking about it, I would probably find it so boring I'd be yawning when I saw it. He turned that around suggestively... stating that people usually stretch when they yawn and that maybe my hand might land and accidentally touch it. I then said, yeah, and I also might lose my balance and fall over onto it, and since my mouth would be open... haha.

By the week before our lunch, he was joking that we could touch, as long as it would be through clothing. He said he would most likely be wearing dress pants, and I said that would offer much more opportunity to feel than jeans would. I promised him I would wear a low cut shirt and joked that since he was allowing me to feel his material, that he was welcome to feel mine. I told him he could test the heft of my tits, through my shirt and bra, of course. Ideally, he said, he would love to get a whiff of my pussy. 'I seriously doubt that will happen,' I said, but the thought did wonders for me that weekend.

And so we continued to joke, right up until that morning, when he chatted me and said he was headed into town soon, and that he was wearing dress pants.

It was really good to see him after all these years. He looked good. Throughout lunch, I laughed in my head at the thoughts of our online flirting. We had lunch, just like two old friends. We chatted about our families and our jobs. Except for the one point where he told me my necklace was distracting him, it was almost as if we never flirted online. Almost. By the end, I had genuinely assumed it was all just joking, until we went to leave the restaurant and he said 'You still have not shown me your car.'

Part of me knew already that it was a little more than joking. On my way to meet him, I had stopped the car, removed my kid's booster seat, and shoved it in the trunk. The back seat has tinted windows.

My heart was pounding. Was I really going to do this? I got in to the drivers seat, and he got in on the passenger side. I had no idea where we were going to be able to go where we would not be seen. The area was very busy. Much to my surprise, we found a nearly deserted parking lot not too far away, and I parked in a space in the way back of the lot.

I turned to face him, and he encouraged me to get a feel for the material of his dress pants. I was very nervous, but I reached over and brushed my hand near his upper thigh, and headed up toward his crotch. The material was soft. When I reached a little further over, however, I found that what was underneath the material was anything but. I traced the outline with my fingers a few times, stroking him through the material.

No sooner did I lean back, when his hand made its way into my shirt and my bra. It was a bit of a shock, as we had joked about it before, but he had always stated that he would refrain. While I did not expect it, I certainly didn't fight it. After a few seconds, he took his hand out, and he freed his cock from his pants. I gasped. Oh wow. It was a bit bigger than I expected, and alot thicker. I was definitely impressed. He stroked it a little bit. Oh wow. He knows I love to see a guy stroking himself.

He leaned over my way again, leaving his hard on out for me to see, as he lifted up my right tit slightly, feeling it. He attempted to find my nipple through the material, but my bra is slightly padded (not like I need it, but it's a blessing on cold days). He gave up on trying to find it and went for the left one. Back inside the shirt, he felt his way around until he found my nipple and pinched ever so gently. I closed my eyes. I was very nervous, but I was even more excited. He continued the gentle pinching for a little while, and then he said 'Can you cum this way?' Based on my prior experiences, I replied 'no', but I was beginning to doubt that answer. Apparently, I was breathing rather heavily. He continued pinching, and then one pinch was a bit much and...'Ouch.' He pulled his hand out immediately, much to my disappointment.

I leaned back in my seat. My head was swimming. Then he said 'Tell you what... You can yawn.' Well I thought he was hinting at a blow job, so I said 'No... sorry... I can't do that.' He said 'Here, give me your hand.' He held my hand with his. He reached back over and began to stroke, holding my hand on top of his as he was stroking, and then he moved his hand so that I could take over. I stroked a few times, until I saw a drop of precum squeeze out. I gasped again. This was a little much for me. Here I was with a good friend that 20 years ago I would have gladly been with, and I was stroking his rock hard cock. We are both married now, very happily so, and yet I wanted so much more at this point. I felt lightheaded. I let go and leaned back in my seat again.

Neither of us spoke for a few minutes. I tried to catch my breath. The tension was so thick. Thankfully, he broke it. 'What I would really like to do right now,' he said, 'Is get you in the back seat and stick my tongue down your throat.' This was not helping, I thought. 'But if we do that, ' he continued, 'then I am going to stick my hand up your shirt, and then down your pants, and we will end up fucking, and we both know that cannot happen.' I nodded, unable to find my voice. I was still thinking of that glistening drop I had squeezed out of him moments before.

We took a few minutes to readjust ourselves. He had a bit of a difficult time putting his cock away, as it was still standing at attention. I was still breathing very deeply.

My head was spinning. I never wanted anything more than what I had at home, but 90% of me was screaming for me to lean over and kiss him. Fortunately, the 10% that was thinking straight won out.

I said 'Thank you.' He replied, 'If you really want to thank me, I'd like a whiff.' Oh my. Okay. I undid my jeans, stuck my hand inside my underwear and gathered up some moisture on my middle finger. Reluctantly, I bought my hand up to his nose. He inhaled deeply and closed his eyes. A smile spread across his face. He opened his eyes and let out a breathy, 'Delicious....'

It was time to go. I drove him back to his car. We talked for a few more minutes, rationalizing what we had just done. 'I owed you a peek, it just came 20 years late.' Right. I leaned over and noticed that he still had a bulge in his pants, and I felt it through the material one more time. Yup, still rock hard. I sighed. I allowed him to get one more whiff of my hand before I put lotion on it to mask my own scent. He closed his eyes and inhaled it in. I so wanted to kiss him at that moment. No harm there, right? the chances of us ending up in the backseat when we were in a very busy lot was pretty much non existent. The only thing that kept me from suggesting it was the VERY REMOTE chance that someone (anyone) one of us might know would see us kiss. However slight, I was not willing to risk it, so I did not suggest it. We both agreed that even though we both really wanted more than that, our current lives would not really allow it. I settled for a quick peck on the lips before he got out, and then I drove away.



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