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What Next

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After intense orgasms due to a butt plug, what could be next?


This is a follow-up to my recent post about my first experience with anal stimulation and my butt plug. After almost two full weeks of having the plug inserted in my butt-and the most intense orgasms I've ever had during masturbation sessions-I was craving more. If four inches felt good, wouldn't 6 inches be better, I theorized?

During my lunch-hour one day, I wandered into the same adult novelty store where I had bought the butt plug. I was relieved to see the same guy there who sold me the plug since I had already worked up the nerve to talk about this with him the last time. He was right about the plug, so I wanted his recommendation about what to try next.

The guy remembered me and laughed a knowing laugh when I told him why I was back. He asked me how I tolerated the plug; I confessed it hurt like hell the first few times my hole was stretched open to accommodate it, but the incredible erections and orgasms I experienced, especially when I sat and rocked on it, were well worth the initial discomfort. I explained that, despite the euphoria, I also felt like there was space not being filled inside and that I could possibly handle more.

He showed me some other butt plugs, but thought I may have graduated to a dildo. He removed a few dildos from the display case so I could consider their length, width and heft. This may sound weird, but I was turned off at first because they looked like real cocks; though I'm turned onto anal stimulation, I'm not into men. He sensed my hesitancy and talked me through my phobia; he helped me understand that I was just stimulating my prostate with an instrument that fit the bill; I wasn't looking for another guy.

Not being a good judge of size, I held up one that looked like it would do the job. He laughed and said, 'Whoa fella; you're probably not ready for that-at least not yet.' He said it was made from the mold of some porn star-Striker, I think he said; anyway, it was 10' x 6' and much too ambitious.

He suggested I pick the one that looked the most like my own dick. Odd, but 'doable'. I'm no porn star, but I'm a respectable seven inches (yes, it was measured by a girlfriend in college!). The dildos seem to come in even numbered lengths, so I left the store having bought an eight inch one, and plenty of lube. He told me to have fun and come back when I needed an upgrade!

After a hot shower the following Saturday morning, when my wife was out shopping, I removed the dildo from its hiding spot in a shoe box and, having generously lubed my butt, I began inserting it. Lying on my back on the bed, it wasn't going in easy; it seemed like I needed more hands so my butt cheeks could be spread open while the dildo was inserted and my dick stroked. I decided to use gravity, positioning the dildo with its suction cup base on the floor, squatting above it and lowering myself slowly onto it.

The feeling was intense; it took awhile to adjust to it and I certainly hadn't sprung an erection as I had in the past, but after finding a rhythm and massaging my balls, I started to get hard. I stroked myself to full hardness while sliding up and down on the dildo until, I guess, I was lost in the moment and sat all the way down on the thing. When the eight inches hit the back, I saw stars and shot all over the floor and dresser. It took me by surprise, but made me laugh out loud.

Later that morning, having recovered from my orgasm and reading a lot of Solo Touch stories, I was ready to go again. I began thinking of other ways to enjoy my new toy. I really wanted to see what it looked like while I was riding it, but the only mirror was mounted above the bathroom sink so I would have to remain standing to see anything. The suction cup, however, allowed the dildo to stick to the wall so all I needed to do was back up into it. Looking into the mirror, I could see the dildo disappear into my ass. Hot! I felt full, and wet and horny. I was truly hard from the sensations and was able to bring myself to another mind-blowing orgasm.

I think I'm going to like my new toy!



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