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What My Girlfriend Did To Me

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My name is B. I am tall, with black hair and most girls say I am pretty handsome. So anyway.. we were headed back from a long band trip and I had been up since 6:00 a.m. It was now 1:00 in the morning. We were all super tired and ready to sleep. One of my friends that was a girl was sitting next to me and started falling asleep and talking about her life. She was talking about her parents and how she was alone...yada yada. Well she fell asleep on my shoulder. So I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and started looking around.

Everyone else was asleep and had head phones on. So I glanced down at her and saw how beautiful she really was. The light from the cars in the street was gently dancing around her hair and her face looked so cute. Her boobs were pressed against my side but she had fallen dead asleep (or at least she wanted me to think so). I felt my cock twitch in my pants but controlled it before I got an erection. I got a little closer and smelt her. It was an intoxicating mix of deodorant, sweat, and womanly scents.

We hit a bump and she sighed and opened her eyes to find herself in my arms. She gave me the single cutest, sexiest look I have ever seen in my life and stared at me through the dark. She sat up and placed a hand on my belly. She slowly moved her finger tips down to my shorts and played around with the waist band while I stroked her hair. Then she looked at me and put her hand into my pants. Her touch on my cock was like heaven and I almost came right there. But we were pulling into our drop off point and I knew that they were about to turn the lights on so I kissed her and said 'later' in the coolest voice that I've ever heard come out of my mouth. She smiled and hugged me.

Omg later that night I just wanted to fall asleep. I had almost forgotten about what happened on the bus. I woke up an hour later with a super painful erection and I knew I had to do something about it. I got a couple of tissues from the side of my bed quietly and listened around the house through my door.... dead quiet. Then I laid back and lined my underwear with the tissues. I thought of her and her touch. The way she looked when she was asleep and almost came right then and there. So I started a slow stroke teasing the head and finding the most sensitive parts. I thought about her boobs pressed against my shoulder and her smell.

All of a sudden I knew that I was about to make a huge mess. A bunch of tingling sensations spread from the base of my cock to my toes and then all over my body. I was fighting not to make noise but I had to let out a groan as the front of my boxers were soaked with cum. I kept coming and soaked through the tissues and the front of my boxers. Then it started dripping down the sides and pooled under my butt. When it was over I felt amazing. So much tension was relieved. But I was a mess!!

I got up and there was a huge wet spot on my bed. So I got a washcloth and cleaned up then spread a towel over the spot and went to sleep. (I slept like a baby). The next day I called her and told her what happened. We still haven't seen each other since it was last week and now it's the weekend. but maybe i'll have more stories soon.

Hope you enjoyed the details ladies. Try teasing your boyfriends it might work better than a handjob. It did for me.



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