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What Makes Me Orgasm Hard

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I enjoy the stories about all of you masturbating alone and together. Some are a huge turn-on.

I enjoy the sexual company of guys and girls quite a bit but when it comes to just enjoying my orgasms nothing beats my own talents. Others can give me good orgasms but I can give myself great orgasms.

I have masturbated with four different girlfriends since the first time in late high school. The first time, I was the shy one when my best friend invited me over after we were out with some guys at the movies. It was just us two in the basement watching television very late. We were watching a movie about a girl who was dumped by her guy and she was at home singing in her room about how sad she was. Mel turned to me and said if it was her she would just masturbate and forget about him. I was a bit shocked by what she said but I made no comment back. Mel gave me a gentle shove and said 'don't tell me you never do it'. I bashfully said 'no I don't' and that is when she began to tease me about being a prude.

Mel kept teasing me playfully and pushing me over on the couch and tickling me. She kept saying 'yes you do, yes you do' over and over again until I finally said 'yes, OK I do!'

Mel laughed and jumped on top of me holding my arms down on the couch. Mel was lean and strong. She was much stronger & taller than my skinny little body was. She turned into a real little sex machine telling me we should do it tonight together and started to tell me she does it all the time. That night we masturbated together for the first time of many to follow.

I could not help my desire to be with Mel watching her naked body orgasm and move around like she was sitting on a hill of ants. Her orgasms were so sensual and sexy. I loved seeing every line and muscle in her lean fit body. Watching her wiggle with orgasm while her body arched back and her hard boobs pressed out as far as she could push them drove me wild! Also knowing she was intensely watching me while I massaged my clit was a great thrill. We enjoyed more times together than I can count.

From that point on I became very interested in sex and masturbation with other people. I became a very sexually oriented woman. I think about sex more than many girls I know. Some of my friends tell me they are just like me but I'm not sure they are. I have two friends I masturbate with fairly often and unfortunately it remains a secret we cannot tell anyone about. If we could talk about it we may get others involved too. How great would that be? Neither of the ladies will tell their guy about what we do. They think they will be turned off. I think the opposite. I have told every guy I have ever been with and only one thought I was weird. Too bad for him.

This brings me to tell you about how my biggest fantasies came to be.

Currently in my gym there are so many hot guys and girls. I'm there every day working out hard. I love being watched by the guys. I wear as little as allowed showing off as much as possible. I also like watching the girls walk around naked in the shower and jet bath area. I like to sit back on the edge of the jet bath naked on my towel. The bath is at the end of the ladies shower room so I have a nice view of all who come and go. I close my eyes keeping them open just a bit so nobody knows I'm watching them. I like to have my shaved pussy showing. Many times I keep one leg in the water and one leaning on the wall. It is another turn-on for me seeing many of the ladies look at my shaved pussy when they think my eyes are closed.

When a nice fit woman of any age comes in I think about what it would be like to watch them masturbate and orgasm.

One of my biggest fantasies while masturbating is this. A group of the best looking girls all come into the shower room and the spin class leader is there telling us we are all invited to a masturbation class for fitness reasons. We are allowed to bring only our towels to sit on, then we go into the aerobics studio to masturbate together. There we all sit in a circle watching each other as one by one we masturbate to huge orgasms as instructed by the leader. Once we have all had our orgasms one by one while being watched by the others we are told we now need to focus on masturbating and getting to our orgasms all at once. We then get closer with our legs straight out touching foot to foot then we orgasm over and over again rubbing our toes together. I love that fantasy.

Another of my favorite fantasies is again, at the gym. I'm naked sitting at the same jet bath when the same spin leader comes in to see me. She tells me there are fifteen guys waiting in the aerobics studio naked with erections that will not go away and asks if I can help her out. She has me grab only a towel again then off we go. We walk into the studio and the fifteen guys are standing in a row. All of them are standing at attention, good looking, slim and muscular with hairless bodies and huge cocks sticking straight out. The spin girl tells me they cannot go home with erections and tells me I should help them. She tells me she is not feeling well and that it is up to me to make all the erections go down.

This is when I'm told I should jerk each guy until he cums and that I have only 45 minutes to finish them all. She tells me the fastest and cleanest way to do it is to jerk them off and then when they are about to cum, I must open my mouth and swallow every drop of sperm after they squirt into my open mouth. She says I'm not allowed to touch my mouth to any of their cocks.

I have the most intense orgasms while I dream about jerking all those beautiful shaved bodies then watching their cum squirt through the air into my mouth. I love the taste of cum and I can almost taste it for real when I fantasize about doing it.

Cock after cock I jerk down the line. After each hot guy fills my mouth, I swallow his cum and move on to the next hard cock. The guys have to stand while their cocks go soft after I jerk them proving it's ok for them to go then until spin girl tells them to leave.

In my fantasy each guy can squirt huge long strings of cum and they never miss my open mouth. They also have very large cocks. I decided years ago that my fantasies should be just what I desire and nothing less. Why not?

Since we all have fantasies about things we long for or things we secretly desire I believe we should be able to share our fantasies with other people. If we were all honest about what we wanted the world may be a better place to be. We could all be together with others that share our same desires. I know it would be hard to find that many beautiful women to masturbate with or that many hot bodied guys to jerk off like that but it sure would be nice if I could.

I suppose I'll have to stick to my fantasies. Masturbating with the few females I have over the past has been very exciting. I have also jerked off almost all of my guys and let them squirt into my open mouth many times but it's not the same as what it would be if there were more waiting in line like in my fantasy. After one warm mouth full I'm left wanting more. Maybe one day I can have at least two or three. That would be a nice start to a dream come true.



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