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What Makes a Good Neighbor

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What giving a helping hand led to. Another helping hand in return.


I was around 32 when this happened. I had been divorced for 6 or 7 months living home alone. My neighbors back then were Bob and Samantha (Sam). They were in there mid to late 40s. Bob was in sales with a lumber company and was often out of town. They had two kids but both were gone.

When this happened, Bob was off on a business trip and Sam was alone. She showed up at my front door one morning asking me for some help in getting a box down from her loft in her garage. I said sure and went over to help her. In the garage stood this tall step ladder leading to the loft. I asked her which box she wanted down and she said 'No. I'll get it. I just need you to hold the ladder while I'm on it and let me hand it to you'. I told her 'I can handle that'.

Sam went up the ladder and I stood at the foot hanging on to it. I looked up and what a sight. Sam was wearing these baggy mid thigh length shorts and I could see right up the leg openings. Sam was a woman that had always taken care of her self and the view I had was nice. So, I asked her 'Are you sure this is a good idea with me down here looking up and you up there looking down? This is sure a beautiful view I'm getting'. Sam said 'Don't give me that. It can't be that good'. I told her 'don't under estimate yourself, Sam'. She then said 'Then just go ahead and enjoy it while I get this box out'. I told her 'I sure am'.

Sam handed me the box and came down. I held the ladder while she came down and let her end up coming down between my arms. When she got to the floor, she turned to me and I told her 'Thanks for the great view'. Sam said 'Oh come on now. I know I don't look that good at my age'. I answered her 'Sure can't prove that by me. If you only knew'.

Sam then ask 'Did I really look that good to you'? I replied 'How bad do you want to know'? Sam just looked at me and then she looked down. She had given me a good erection and it showed in my shorts. Sam looked back in my eyes and said 'That's flattering that I can get a younger man that aroused'. I said 'You sure did'.

Sam then said 'You know. I guess I should give you a little pay back for your help this morning, don't you think'? I said 'What have you got in mind'? She answered 'You'll see. Grab a chair and I'll be right back in a minute'. I sat at the dinette table. She left the room and several minutes later returned. She had gone into her bedroom and changed to some lingerie. When she walked in my mouth feel open. She looked beautiful.

She stood in front of me and slowly did a 360. She looked fantastic. The sight of her butt cheeks made me gasp in excitment not to speak of her beautiful very sexy legs. She then faced me and asked 'Well, what do you think'? I answered 'You can probably see what I think looking at the front of my shorts'. I knew it had to be evident for I was hard as a rock. She came over and sat on my lap. She asked 'How do I feel to you'. I put a hand on her knee and slowly ran it up her thigh. I answered 'Nothing short of fantastic'. All the while my male tool was against one of her butt cheeks and I know she was feeling it.

She got up taking my hand and said 'Let go to the bedroom'. I got up following her. She then stopped and said 'I don't want you to get the wrong idea. I won't fuck but I'll sure pleasure you with my hands'. I told her 'Sounds good to me. I need this'.

We got to her bed and I took off my shorts and sat down. Sam reached over taking my erection in her hand saying 'Nice'. She then reached over getting a tube of lube and put some on her hand. She got on the bed and said 'Come on. Lay down here by me'. I laid besides her and immediately had my hands back on her soft body. She wrapped her lubed hand around my tool and slowly started her stroking. I then laid on my back with my hand between her legs against her pussy. I was in seventh heaven.

My orgasm quickly built up and I told Sam I was about to come. She got on her arm looking at my erection as she stroked it and said 'Go for it, Dave. Give me your cum'. I soon after blew squirting my cum all over my belly and Sam's hand. She said 'I haven't seen this much cum in years come out of a man'. I said 'All thanks to you'. She said 'Thanks'.

Sam and I got together quite often after this for a little sexual fun. I would also pleasure her and always loved doing this to her. She never did let my enter her although I sure wanted to. She did let me kiss her as I would do when I pleasured her by hand. I eventually ended up with a live in girlfriend and this ended our nice get togethers. I must admit. I sure missed them even with a woman sleeping next to me every night again. Sam was that good.



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