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What Lydia Taught Me

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Like most of the male readers of Solo I enjoy and love my dick. There is nothing quite as pleasurable as lying naked on my bed with my hard rod in my hand stroking my tip and shaft off to a good wank, even if I am seeing a woman at the time. I am twenty four, un-married and have been jerking off since I was twelve or thirteen which brings me to my story.
When I was about that age I was discovering my horny feelings and beginning to act on them. I found that my father had some Penthouse and Hustler magazines stuffed into the bottom drawer of a night table on his side of my parents' bed. One afternoon when he was at work and my mom was away visiting her sister I took off all of my clothes and went down to their bedroom to feast on all of the beaver shots in those magazines. I was lying there with a couple of pillows clamped between my legs and grinding my dick into them when I heard a noise. I stopped, held my breath and listened intently as I heard footsteps in the corridor and then my seventeen year old sister's voice at the other end of the hall as she called out at the door to my own bedroom, "Lance, Lance, ....... are you there?" I said not a word as I didn't want her to catch me naked and with a big boner. After about ten minutes I got up, quietly opened the door and tiptoed down the hall to my room. On the way I passed my sister's room and I noticed that the door was ajar a few inches. I peeked in and got the surprise of my life. Lydia had a large upholstered armchair in her room and she had piled it with pillows and had herself propped up on it with her feet on the seat cushion, her butt on the arm and her back arched so that her head was thrown back over the top of the chair and she was looking straight up at the ceiling. Her bluejeans and panties were pushed down around her ankles and her tee shirt was pushed up to her neck. She was completely naked in all the most important parts with her legs spread wide open and her pussy thrust forward. She was deep into the rhythms of masturbation and I stood there transfixed by the sight. With her right hand she was plunging her middle finger in and out of her cunt and using her thumb to rub her clit. (Although I didn't know exactly what that was at that time) With her left hand she was squeezing one of her nipples and pulling it straight up into the air and then releasing it. I stood there with what must have been the stiffest hard-on I have ever had and watched for five minutes or so when she suddenly started to gasp and crumple up into an almost fetal position and slide back down into the chair. At this point she seemed to calm down a bit and I figured I had better get out of there or be caught.
I returned to my room pulled on my bluejeans and was lying quietly on my bed, still with a huge stiffie and visions and fantasies bouncing through my head because of what I had just seen. After a few minutes the bedroom door opened and there was Lydia walking in.
"Hello Lance, I didn't know you were home"
"How long have you been here?"
"I don't know"
"I didn't hear you come in, you were very quiet, did you go right to your room?'
To make a long story short she kept grilling me and I kept giving her evasive or inadequate answers to her questions until her suspicions turned into the conviction that I had seen her masturbating in her room. When she finally was convinced she had been seen and I guess I had turned beet red to prove it she moved closer to the bed and said, "You were watching me weren't you, you horny little bugger. Was it a big thrill? Are you curious? You want to be in on the show?"
With this she looped her thumbs into the waist band of her jeans and panties, pushed them down to the floor and stepped out of them. She was standing two feet from me naked from the waist down and her wispy blond bush in full view. Then she added" Of course you have gotten to see mine and I am going to get to see yours too." She leaned over me and grabbed the waist of my blue jeans and began pulling them down. I blurted out a question as to what she was doing and put up a half hearted resistance but quickly she had pulled my pants completely off exposing my raging dripping cock. Next she pulled off her tee shirt, climbed up on the bed and straddled me as she knelt over my thighs. I could how look at her and her pussy lips were spread so that I could see her soft pink cunt lip folds as they ran down under her crotch. Her tits were smallish but her nipples were very pointy and red. Her hips were wide and she had a very round butt, a classic hourglass shape. To this day I have a vivid memory of her cunt and tits hovering over my cock as this was the first time I had ever really seen a live up close naked girl. Having placed herself in this position she reached down with both hands and grabbed my rock hard boner. She must have done this a number of times before because she was very good. With her right hand she squeezed my purple tip and ran her fingers over and around its perimeter dripping spit on it to lubricate me as she went. With her left hand she cupped my balls gently and ran up the lower and middle parts of my shaft. I began to moan in ecstasy as I watched and felt my prick sliding in and out of her fingers and looked at her with her tits hanging off her chest pointing down at me and seeing her pussy lips beyond. It was sensory overload for me and I don't think it took more than a minute or two for me to erupt with a stream of cum that shot up over my chest. This was the first ejaculation I ever had. I had been playing with myself and rubbing my balls and cock for some time but I never quite understood the technique for bringing up the big cum shot. She did and she taught me that day. As soon as she squeezed the last bit of cum from the tip of my rod she climbed down, gathered all her clothes under her arm and walked out of the room with her tight little ass wiggling as she disappeared out the doorway. As she left she half turned and said, "I guess thats what you were looking for right?
That was the first and last time my sister ever jerked me off or that I ever saw her frig herself. In fact in future times or years we never have even really mentioned this little episode as I think it was a totally impulsive thing she did and she was not inclined to relive it in any way. The only reference she ever makes to it is to call me or maybe some other individual an "HLB" every now and then in certain situations. We both know this means "Horny Little Bugger" and it is our little inside joke acknowledgment of a shared experience many years ago. I think she is amused by what happened and it actually has created an odd sort of bond between us by sharing with each other the knowledge that we can experience solitary pleasure through masturbation. She is now happily married and expecting a baby and I am still single with girls in and out of my life but I know I will always still enjoy a good wank and the images burned into my mind those many years ago are still vivid and provide enough fantasy material to raise the old pecker. I think it is now a good moment to leave the keyboard and drop the pants.
Anyone else out there who has had a similar experience and wants to talk with me about it try:
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