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What I've Been Waiting For

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I've had some fun in the showers at the gym before, but only when there were private stalls...


Precursor, I'm 19, go to college, and am pretty bisexual in the closet. I've had some j/o sessions with a friend in high school, and at the gym where I work I find myself stroking with guys in the steam room and shower. When I get really horny we go into each others showers and play around. None of my friends know about this, or that I'm bisexual.

So I just got out of my Track & Field practice, (I'm a thrower at my university) and brought some stuff to shower so I could head right to the dining hall instead of going back to my room before dinner. I was in the locker room and noticed there were about three other guys about to shower. I'm not very good about being naked in public, I usually get hard. Don't get me wrong I love to be naked, but for some reason knowing people can see my junk turns me on.

So I get a spot in the open shower room (there are about 10 showers, 5 on each side of the rectangular room), with this one guy right across from me. I already was trying to hide my boner and got the corner spot. I was facing the wall and tried to shampoo with one hand and cover my junk with my other hand. Needless to say it wasn't working out too well. This guy was pretty cute. Older, I'd probably say mid to late 30s, probably a professor or lab tech... And notice he's looking at my hard cock.

I'm about 7' long fully hard, so it's nothing that could go unnoticed... The other two guys finally leave the shower area, and this guy just turns his shower off and picks one that's on the same side as me but in the opposite corner, and starts to stroke his cock!

I've done this before at home, but only when there was the privacy of shower curtains so you couldn't get caught easily... if anyone walked in we'd be screwed!

I just couldn't help it. His cock was probably around 5.5-6' but pretty thick, bent upwards, and he had massive shaved balls- overall a hot package.

So here we are rubbing our hardons, and then I get bold and move closer, so there is only one shower in between us. I whisper and ask if I can touch it and he nods his head. So I get close and start stroking his cock and rubbing his balls. It was so hot I was getting so horned up. He grabbed mine and just had this huge grin on his face... he leaned over and gave me a peck on the cheek. Now I've never kissed a guy, not usually into that, but this peck left me wanting more...

So there we are stroking each other off until we hear someone close so we stop. false alarm... We continue to beat off until I unload my cum all over the wall, he smiles, turns his shower off, and leaves the room. This was so hot and I'm hoping to run into him again sometime very soon.



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