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What Is Time?

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Not exactly a story, but hopefully some great encouragement to have fun!


I've just come up with a new definition for time. So often we hear that 'Time is money.' If that is true, then what does money buy? Things? Who needs more 'things' to clutter up the home? Food? Too much food makes us fat, so there's a limit to what money can buy. What pleasure can money buy that our bodies cannot give us! Our bodies can give us the most fantastic pleasure that can be found anywhere on earth, short of a relationship with the Creator. Both time spent with our Creator and time spent pleasuring our bodies give us peace. Peace is hard to come by in our war-torn world. When my parents first gave me the keys to the car, they said, 'Have fun. Have fun till your sides ache, but don't have fun at someone else's expense.'

Ok, so what is my new definition of time? Well, by now, you've guessed it! I say 'Time is pleasure!' Having learned about 40 years ago that a paycheck would not keep me on a job if I did not enjoy that job, now I can look back at those past 40 years and say that I've enjoyed life. Oh, yes, life has it's ups and downs. However, to weather the downs, we have to be good to ourselves and treat ourselves to pleasure. Nothing else seems to overcome the disappointments in life. Like Connie who has survived the trauma of having her husband die in a car accident and has turned to pleasure to overcome it (See her story # 16705 and her three previous stories), I've 'taken matters into my own hands' in order to survive some of the hard knocks that have been dealt to me. A good orgasm can make a bad day turn into a good day and can make a good day even better! I've heard the saying 'Lovin' makes life worth livin'.' Since my wife is not as eager for sex as I am, I interpret the 'lovin'' in that saying quite broadly to include self-love, self-stimulation, and self-eroticism.

Somehow from little on up, children are taught not to touch 'down there' because it's dirty and ugly and awful or are at least are given the impression that to experiment with one's genitals is inappropriate. All of us on Solo Touch have discovered quite the opposite, namely that our 'down there' is pleasurable and can give us marvellous thrills that course throughout our bodies! Somewhere in the Psalms, the Psalmist wrote that our Creator 'knit us together while we were still in our mother's womb.' Taking that quite literally, then our Creator provided the means for us to experience pleasure. Not only that, but our Creator is with us through every painful experience as well as every pleasurable experience. What this means is that when we tickle ourselves on the outside, our Creator transfers those sensations INSIDE clear to our brain and then dispenses them throughout our entire bodies! Wow! Our Creator knows when we hurt as well as when we feel good. Our Creator gave us the means to experience pleasure while we were still unborn and currently our Creator carries the tickles from our pleasure centers throughout our entire bodies every time we play with our favorite toys! Isn't that fantastic!

Whether we experience pleasure when we're alone or with our spouse or some other important person, the lesson my parents taught me by saying that I should 'not have fun at someone else's expense' can be broadened to say that sex should be enjoyable for both people involved. It is when one of the people does not enjoy the sexual experience, then he or she is being used, misused, or abused. All of those are wrong. Both people should experience pleasure. Even for a young man to impregnate a young female and then leave her is unfair to her. She may not be experienced enough to have felt pleasure during her first experience of intercourse and wondered why her first sexual experience seemed like so much fun for him. Sad.

Sex should be fun. That is why I enjoy reading Solo Touch stories so much! Nothing is allowed on Solo Touch that smacks of abuse. Also since minors are allowed, specific details of the act of intercourse is also out. What is left is fun and pleasure and thrills! Thanks Solo webmaster for your insight into clean fun and thanks everybody for letting me share my new definition. Although I submitted quite a quantity of contributions to Solo Touch before Lily was formatted and opened to the adult public, after Lily opened, I spent more time there than reading Solo Touch stories because it is interactive. Readers can communicate directly with other readers either via private messages or in forums or chat rooms. Lately I've enjoyed reading Solo Touch stories again and those on Lily which are Too Hot for Solo.

Although this composition does not specifically describe an act of sex and does not quite fit the category of story, hopefully the encouragement Solo Touch readers gain from it to enjoy pleasure and not worry about 'not getting anything done for an hour' while you read stories and enjoy pleasure, will have been worth your time reading. If our webmaster chooses to list it as an article, that's okay. Now you can go back to reading more specifically pleasurable stories without guilt. I will appreciate your feedback either via specific comments or on Lily via personal messages or the Lily forum regarding Solo Touch stories. Thanks in advance and happy tickling to you all! After all, time is pleasure. Money can wait, thrills bypassed are thrills lost. The next opportunity for thrills is only good for that time and cannot make up for lost thrills. Thrills affect our bodies and our minds here and now, but the effect lingers on both physically and psychologically. We can face the world with a smile on our faces after experiencing whole body and whole mind thrills! Smile, people will wonder what you've been up to! If your face is a bit flushed and your eyes are a bit bloodshot and your clothes a bit awry, they may surmise that you've just had some fantastic fun! RC



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