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What If She Read My Stories?

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I have written several stories concerning my attraction for my friend and co-worker. I know that if 'C' were to come across these stories, I'm sure she would be able to tell that they were about her. But, I'm not certain if she would immediately be able to figure out who was the author.

She wasn't the type to be surfing the net looking at porn, but as luck would have it, she was searching the word 'masturbation.' 'C' has three kids, including two young sons around the age of nine. Knowing that I had begun masturbating from the age of eight, I realized that 'C' would soon be discovering young boys and masturbation. She was being a conscientious parent and mother when she went to the internet to get herself better acquainted with the subject. Although she was no stranger to masturbating when she was a young woman, she figured young boys were very different and she wanted to learn more about their masturbation habits so she could react to situations that may arise with her two sons.

'C' had skimmed through several masturbation sites, but hadn't yet found one that had the information she desired.

Then, she came across the Solo Touch site. After entering she was intrigued by the stories section and started reading a few. She quickly peaked into the bedrooms checking to see if the rest of the family was asleep and she found that they were indeed fast asleep. 'C' returned to her computer and started reading more stories. She realized that she was getting very aroused and was somewhat embarrassed when she realized her juices had already made her panties damp. The next story's title caught her eye (Co-worker and friend) and she started reading, intrigued by the experiences others were having at their workplaces.

After reading the first two sentences, she felt her chest tightening up. Continuing on, she almost gasped out loud and leaned in closer to the screen as she re-read the story from the beginning making sure she had not been mistaken. After her careful reading, she came to the same stunning conclusion, this story was actually about her!

The realization that one of her co-workers had written the story was making her more excited sexually than she had been in many months. Because she had related the information in the stories to more than one person at work, she could not precisely narrow down who the author was. Unconsciously, her hand had moved down to her panties and she was softly stroking her damp crotch as she read on.

Excitedly, she skimmed through the archives looking for any more of these stories. In all, she found seven short stories written by the same person relating fantasies he had about her. By the time she had finished the last one, 'C' suddenly realized that her panties were down around her ankles and her fingers were furiously rubbing her clitoris and labia. In an instant she realized that she had passed the point of no return. She tried to muffle her moans as best she could as her body convulsed and twitched as her massive orgasm went through her body. It literally took several minutes for 'C' to come to her senses as she hurriedly deleted her browsing history from her laptop. Shaking her head at herself thinking what could she have been thinking, she climbed into the bed beside her husband. As she tried to get to sleep, one thing kept gnawing at her, which of her co-workers could have written those stories? She also realized that her initial feeling of horror and disgust had quickly changed to hot arousal and she closed her eyes as she began dreaming about her friend and co-worker that she hopes is responsible.



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