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What I Really Was Thinking

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So long ago, but still fresh in my memory.


My best friend, we'll call him Bob, invited me to stay over for the night one weekend. We were both about 15-16 as I recall. In the past we'd talked about girls, guys and looked at some pictures, discussed what little we knew about sex, but that's as far as it ever got. The room we were in was somewhat separated from the rest of the house so we did have some measure or privacy.

Later that night, after some talk of sex and just before lights out, he surprised me by suggesting 'I'll show you mine if you show me yours'. I was excited beyond belief and readily agreed. I didn't have the nerve to ask him myself but had always wanted to see him naked. By the time we both got our clothes off we were rock hard and our cocks were standing straight out from our bodies. In the dim light of the room his body was beautiful as was his cut cock. I wanted to touch him so badly. He motioned for me to come over so we could compare our cocks close up. My entire body shivered with excitement as our cocks touched. I put my hand on his shoulder to steady myself. I am uncut and I'm not sure this wasn't the first uncut cock he'd seen close up. He seemed to be fascinated by it, asking me to pull the foreskin back so he could see all of it. 'Now it looks just like mine', he exclaimed with a giggle. Both of us were just looking down at each others cocks saying how great they looked. More nervous giggles came from both of us as our cocks touched as we moved our bodies back and forth. I wanted to take him right there and then but was afraid, not really knowing what to do or what he might think of me if I tried. We parted agreeing that we were both about the same size. Now what, I remember thinking.

He walked to the door and turned out the light, 'I'll be right back', he said. There was still enough ambient light from the windows to see. My eyes followed his naked body as I stroked my cock watching his ass fade into the darkness of the outside hall. When Bob returned he had a roll of toilet paper in his hand. All I wanted to do was touch him; I wasn't sure what was going to happen next but I suspected. 'Want to jack off?', he asked. If he only knew how much I had dreamed of this. This wasn't the first time I'd played with another guy but back then we were too young to know what we were doing. We both sat together on the edge of the bed and began to stroke our cocks, intently watching each other. Precum was already flowing. I stammered 'Can I . . . ', but didn't have the nerve to ask if I could touch his, '. . . .never mind'. Bob was fascinated by the way my foreskin moved back and forth over the head of my cock. Finally he asked, 'Can I try it?' I released my own cock, leaned back on both hands thrusting my hips forward as he grabbed my throbbing member. I know I let out a groan of pleasure as he wrapped his hand around my cock and began to manipulate my foreskin. It wasn't long before he asked if I wanted to touch his. What was wrong with me? Why didn't I ask - of course I wanted to touch his cock. 'I'd really like that.' I answered. When I stroked him he felt firm and hot in my hand, he really felt good. I wanted to push him down on the bed and grind my cock onto his belly as he pumped his cock onto mine. But I wasn't the aggressor and was again afraid of being called 'gay'. Bob was in total control, if he only knew I would have submitted to almost anything he suggested.

'Let's make each other cum!', he exclaimed as he got up standing in front of me. His cock was now in front of my face, I had the urge to take his cock in my mouth - whoa, way too 'gay', but I really, really wanted to. I stood up waiting for him to make the next move. 'Who wants to go first?', he asked. Saying that I didn't care, he lay down on the bed saying that I should make him cum first. I sat back down on the edge of the bed, reached for his cock, which was now resting on his stomach, lifted it and started to jerk him off. I really wanted to be lying next to him, touching his body with mine as he touched me, but again my nerve failed. This was amazing, I loved looking at his cock as I stroked it and watching his balls move with each stroke. I could not resist the temptation and reached to play with his balls, he moaned with approval and didn't stop me. I loved with way he felt in my hand, I loved the fact that he wanted me to make him cum, that I was going to make him cum. I moved my body a little closer to his in hopes that he would reach out to touch me. Bob instructed me on how to make him feel better, faster, slower, tighter, he was moaning with pleasure as his breathing got faster and faster. He warned me he was about to cum. His balls tightened up and his cock throbbed in my hand as his hot juices flowed, spattering his body and running down onto my hand, I continued to stroke until he asked me to stop. My own cock hurt by this time - I needed to get off. His hands had not touched me as I wished they had.

We cleaned up and then it was my turn. I was in heaven as his hand glided up and down on my cock. Bob did me perfectly, alternating his techniques as he had instructed me to do to him. I couldn't resist as my hand seeks out and rested on his inner thigh, inches from his manhood. I just wanted to touch him. I so much wanted to caress his balls and now semi-hard cock as he stroked mine. I wanted to get him hard again. I wanted to make him cum again - this time all over me. I resisted that urge. When I announced I was about to explode he began to stroke me very slowly and deliberately until I thrust my hips toward his hand and I erupted all over us. I just lay there in the afterglow of what was the most satisfying orgasm I'd ever had.

We cleaned up and both agreed that it was really good. Bob went over to the other twin bed to go to sleep. I so much wanted him to get into bed with me but didn't ask him to. In hind site I wished I could have told him what I was thinking, how much I wanted all of him. I believe if I had it would have probably scared him away - something I didn't want to happen. So I kept my mouth shut and my thoughts to myself.



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