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What I Just Read

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Behind the Stable.... (with me)


I just read a story that was about me. A guy named Fremont wrote about an experience he had jerking off on a gals boots when he was young. I was that girl and I still have those boots.

When I was a teen I always liked horses and tried to get a job working on a ranch. That's when I met 'Fremont', that isn't his name since I see him on TV now, at least I have a real good idea who he is and his name. I know we change a lot with age but I'd know him anywhere.

When I first met him he was tall and lean and dreamy. He had arms and shoulders like he had been working hard all his life and oh what a butt. He had a great butt in his blue jeans and he walked like a cat. It was love at first sight and just looking at him made me dream of sex.

I was a virgin and hadn't even seen a penis at that age. When I saw that huge horse cock go into that mare it was all I could take.

I ran out of that barn to find a private place. I had my pants undone and just let them drop. I could hardly wait to start frigging my cunt. I don't think I was there but a minute before Fremont came and stood watching me. He pulled out his penis from his jeans and just stood there. He didn't say a word. I thought he was going to try and fuck me. I was scared and horny at the same time. If I could have run I think I would have. I don't know why but I just turned around bent slightly and waited for that cock to fuck me. I guess I just kind of gave up and knew it was finally about to happen. All I could think about was that I wasn't going to be a virgin anymore. I knew it would hurt, my mom told me it would but it was best just to get it over with. That wasn't the only thing she was wrong about.

I finally turned back and he was gone. I pulled up my pants to go home. I couldn't face going back into that barn since I knew he was already telling the others about me. I rounded the corner of the barn and there he was standing. His huge penis was in his right hand and he was furiously wanking it. When he saw me he shot off. I watched ropes of come shoot out and land on my boots. I don't recall it the way he did but there's no doubt it was him. For a virgin that was all I could take in one day. I saw my first cock, I thought I was going to get raped and then I watched come fly out.

I was kind of grossed out by it all. I wanted to wash my boots in the pond and I think I threw out my pants, he had come on them and if I wore them again I'd be pregnant. My boots, I sat in the sun to bleach out the stains.

I just laugh at how naive I was at that age. But one thing that happens has always been the same. When I think back my little pussy gets all wet and I have to rub it to make it better. Or I bend over, hold onto the fence in the back yard and have my husband plow me.



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