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What I Do To Myself

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Here is what I did to myself yesterday,sexually--and what I will do myself after I complete this submission.


Here is what I did to myself yesterday, sexually, and what I will do to myself after I complete this submission.

I am 36 and a bachelor. I am very athletic. I played division one soccer in college and continue to work out religiously everyday. I came into the house after work. I turned on some music and then flipped through some erotic content on my tablet device. When I could feel the tension of my full erection, I put the device down and stripped down to my bikini briefs. I have a swivel chair in the space between what is my dining room and my kitchen. I have wood floors. I duck into the bathroom to get body oil and another item. I sat on the chair and grabbed my rigid penis through my briefs. I rubbed myself like that for a little while and began to take in large, but calm breaths.

I pulled my underwear to the side and released my dick to point victoriously upward. I engaged in a salvo of strokes up and down my smooth shaft and palmed a few circles over my already pre-cumming cockhead. I pulled off my underwear completely and recline back onto my chair. I take a moment to look down my naked body: my chest, defined abdominals, to my navel, down the patch of hair, to the trimmed grove of my pubis, and finally to my reddening dick.

I pour the oil over my engorged unit and take myself once again into my own hands. I stoked my lubed penis for many minutes. Varying my pace, sometimes vigorous, sometimes teasing. My pre-ooze melts with the oil. My house is beginning to smell of naked dick.

I pulled down on my tightening ball sac. I massaged my testicles. I can feel the throbbing blood in my loins and the movement of my sperm in my vas defrens. I pause a bit so I won't cum.

I grab my item. It’s a small dildo I ordered a number of years ago. I put it into my mouth to prepare it for entry. Lean back in my chair and spread my thighs a little. I take my right index and middle finger and rub firm circles around my anal opening. Then I put both fingers in my anus to prepare it. While I gently probe the interiors of my ass, I let my thumb lovingly trace the pubic fuzz of my perineum. I gasped and moaned deeply.

I took my fingers out from within me and pushed the dildo inside. Once I’m impaled, I squeezed my anus, gripping my dildo inside me. I slid forward in my chair in such a way that the device is pushed farther up, nearing my rectum. I rocked my hips in rhythm, causing the most heavenly quakes and contractions within the nether crevices in my body. Unbelievably, my erect penis becomes harder, its so turgid as it throbs. I wasn’t even touching it at this point, but it still spasmed and twitched due my thrusts and the instrument lodged in my anus. I continued to rock and thrust like that.

I tried to stay like that as long as I could. That’s the part that’s the most sublime for me, when I’m erect to the limit, naked in the middle of my own home, on the brink of anally rocking myself into a soul-bursting ejaculation... UGH!

I couldn't help it, I started to stroke my shaft again, the milky white of my semen can be seen when I shift the fleshy skin around my cock’s eye.

“Now!” I scream to myself inside my head. And I move to push the dildo to the limit up my rectum which triggers the massive torrent of my sperm. My luscious semen bleeds, gushes, and squirts out of me in throes. I call out the name of god as I ride my orgasm and then lay my hands on my milky dick again, faster, pushing through my first ejaculation hellbent on triggering another. My semen flings off me to the chair, the floor, my thighs, wherever (who cares now?). My sperm and the oil mix to create this weird froth, but still I stroke.

Finally a second wave of cum bubbles up out of my flooded urethra. This sperm is thicker. And I finally relax and pulled the dildo from out of me.

This is what I do to myself on a regular basis, and this is what I’ll be doing to myself again in a matter of minutes...



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