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What Happens When I Let Him

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I love this site!


I have many ways to masturbate I've been doing it for as long as I can remember.

My first recollection of masturbating was when I was a lot younger and I used to stick pens up my pussy and then take pictures of it and then delete the pictures with my digital camera but I would never cum.

Then I remember the first time I ever had an orgasm, I was babysitting the next door neighbors house and I saw her toothbrush ...so I popped off the head of it and put it on my clit and had an orgasm almost instantly and did that for the next few days until it hurt.

Then I remember while babysitting someone else I went snooping and found a dildo it was big and purple and it rotated and vibrated and I took it!

I used it everyday until I got caught and punished because I was about 14 and my mom was so mad at me not even because I used it but because I stole it!

I now do it with just my hands because I got scared when my tooth brush desensitized me from to much so one day I learned how to do it with my fingers and that's how I've been doing it since.

But now being 5' tall and petite I have boyfriends that help me. I love to not have control and be told what to do. I like him to tell me what to do or I'll be punished. So my boyfriend at the time knowing this we were just getting into it but I really had to pee so I said 'wait one second I need to pee' (being scared I would go on him)so he goes '...no'and I say 'excuse me' , he continued to say you were just going to give me permission of you tonight right and I so he takes control and keep in mind I am still fully clothed and REALLY had to go. He goes your my naughty girl aren't you and I say 'of coarse babe' , 'Good' he says.

If you have to go so bad then go is the next thing I heard so I said ok and I started to get up and he goes 'where are you going' , 'to pee' I say he goes no go in here(we were in my bedroom) Stand up and wet yourself if you need to go so bad. I yell 'baby, are you kidding me'

He goes on to tell me how he thinks that it is erotic and has always wanted to do it (make some girl wet herself clothed) so I agree but hold it until were making out and I am going to burst he touching me and I yell 'babes I can't hold it any longer'!

I get up and he pulls out the video camera which we use a lot and goes okay, do it baby. I stand there giggling but all of a sudden feel it burst out of me I wet myself so very much. He goes ill change you because you are my only baby. So he gets his favorite pair of panties and bra and slips off my pants then lays me on the bed and puts on his favorite lingerie on me.

That doesn't stay on long because we kept the camera rolling and masturbated each other to beautiful orgasms.

We have done things like this a few times now and one time I dressed up like a baby in a baby doll dress and pink children panties but took those off when he surprised me with a diaper which I use a lot now with him because he's into that and it has grown on me, I will pee them for him so he can change me like his baby!



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