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"What Happens Next?"

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So, I thought of a little game that I am calling 'What happens next?'


Today was my day off, I was home alone and bored. Not sure if I wanted to play a video game or take a long hot bath and masturbate. I came here to get a little inspiration. Well I figured since you all helped me out of a tight jam today. I have to be honest I have only been here once or twice. Today after reading 'I watch him,' what a quaint little story that was. I started thinking about something I could write to return the favor so to speak. While thinking of different things I could write about past experience, good but hum been there done that. I needed something new and exciting.

So, I thought of a little game that I am calling 'What happens next?'

First, I drew up a nice hot bath, just warm enough for my skin to get tingles when I get in, making my skin much more sensitive to the touch. Knowing that no one would be home for a little more than an hour, I took out a couple of my 'toys' and headed for the bath. I took a picture of my bubble bath and then a picture of my toys on the side of the tub. Then sent them both via picture phone, I then took a few minutes to shave my legs and then everything from my lips from my clit to my asshole. Leaving just enough for a little blonde patch in front, which were very sensitive to the touch because of the hot water. I had not gotten to the clit yet when realized I was already dripping wet. I very slowly, shaved my lips making sure I got every small hair. Stopping every now and then for a few moments to slide my fingers in to my pussy. Making sure that every inch was smooth to the touch and touched some more;) Checking three and four times to make extra sure, I then stood up.

I took a couple more pictures of my now red and yes very smooth pussy, and sent them on their way. I decided to use the first toy, a sturdy yet nubby companion. Since I was so wet it slipped in so easily, moaning loudly as I slowly slid it in. I took more pictures of pussy now accompanied by her trusted companion and then sent them. Brought the shower head down and place that with the streaming jet of water gently hitting my clit. I was ready to cum, so many times but knew I could push my pleasure further, if I could hold off. Perfect timing I picked up the phone to send a couple more pictures and saw, a message from him. So I called and spoke to him briefly letting him know that this game was not over yet and that at that very moment I was working with my toy. I knew he was at work, and was only on a quick break so there was nothing he could do or say about it except wow. Which, to be honest, made the game so much more fun.

I put the shower head back and within a moment I had cum and since the toy was on full battery power, while I was on the phone it was time to proceed to the next step. I took my next toy, the anal beaded vibrator and got on my hands and knees in the tub. I slowly inserted one bead at a time orgasming after each new bead was inserted. Once fully inserted both of my vibrators I took yet another set of pictures. Realizing that this was not a very good idea taking more pictures, while dripping wet in more than one way I continued pleasuring myself until I came just a few more times. I then went into my bedroom, checked the clock, over an hour had gone by since this game had begun. Yet, I still had not sent a final picture. I figured I needed that final shot so I worked my pussy into a stream of rolling orgasms just as I felt the strongest one come on I pulled the anal beads out and let out an animalistic scream. Now, my bed had drips of cum and my pussy was convulsing from the pleasure. I took the final pictures and sent them.

Not wanting the game to be over and well in the process of writing this I started to feel my pussy moisten again. I started writing and was getting wetter and wetter while thinking about the fun new game. By now two hours had pasted and yes I have been touching myself the entire time I had been writing this. Seems that writing is just as much fun as reading, now my fresh clean black lacy panties are all wet and I am ready to play again.



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