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What Happens in Vegas... Part 1

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There's more where this came from...


I hadn't seen my sister in about eight years; she was living in L.A., and never found the time to come back up to Oregon to see her family. So when she finally did, I was kinda pissed. Now I'm glad we never became close as siblings, because the following happened.

In an effort to become closer with me, Jamie invited me to stay at her house for a bit, show me around L.A. I accepted, because she was trying to be nice, and also because I thought I'd get some nice Southern California ass. Boy, was I ever right!

My sister is really hot. 5'9', long legs, wavy hair, bronze skin, HUGE perky tits, and overall really fit, too. When I first saw her, I thought I was gonna cum in my pants. Initially I thought it was wrong, but that changed.

The first morning, I had a huge boner when I woke up. I immediately started to jack it, then I remembered where I was. So I opened the door to the guest room a fair amount, made sure Jamie was in the house, and started to jack it again. I pretended I didn't realize the door was open, and when I heard her footsteps, I started to moan. when I finished up, I waited a few seconds for her to leave before I opened my eyes.

Then came the shower. When I got in, I arranged a few things: I left the washcloth on the other side of the room, put the lotion and baby oil on top of the toilet tank right next to the shower, and there was a small mirror there, so I positioned it so that when the shower door was open, you could see inside. I didn't have to wait for long.

Sis came in wearing the hottest little lace maroon nightie, it showed off her legs and supported her breasts. I'm 6'3', so my head sticks up above the sliding door. She could see my face only, and I had a magnificent view of her rack.

'Hey little brother,' she said, as if nothing was up. I replied back, not letting her see that I was jacking off. she glanced slyly over to the lotion I had moved, then up at me. Oh yeah. She knew. We chatted for a minute, then I said, 'Crap. No washcloth.' I opened the door and leaned out, exposing myself from the waist up . She saw my mature, heavily muscled body for the first time. She tried to hide her reaction, but it was clear. This was going to happen. 'Could you hand me that one?' I asked, pointing to the one I had placed. She went to go get it, and when she came back, she saw in the mirror my fully erect, thick, eight inch dick. I was rubbing it slowly, putting on a show.

She was only surprised for about a second. I opened the door wide, and we stared openly at each other with lust in our eyes. We both agreed not to tell anyone. She stripped off her clothes and stepped inside. In less than a second we were all over each other, kissing, fondling, fingering, stroking. That lasted for the longest time, and when there was finally a lull, she stopped, looked up at me, and said 'Davey, you know I'm on the pill, right?' I replied yes. She looked at me playfully, moved over to the wall of the shower, and faced me. 'Don't you think we should do what we came here to do?' she questioned, tracing her finger from her mouth, in between her tits, down to her pussy. She turned around, and as she sighed and moaned like a woman on the brink of orgasm, she traced her finger again, up her butt crack to the small of her back. She looked over her shoulder at me, and wiggled her sweet ass enticingly. How could I say no?

Hope you cum when you read this,




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