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What Goes Through His Mind

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A fair amount of grey morning light filters in through my bedroom window as I lie there alone with my body in a position somewhere between face-down and halfway on my side. I can hear the rain outside. Still breathing slowly and with eyelids barely at half mast my mind races to retrieve the remnants of the dream. It's a vivid one for sure as evidenced by how hard my cock is and how hot the air space is between the sheets.

Focus... close your eyes again. Yeah... I can see her dark hair partially covering her face. A single tightly closed eye is visible over her shoulder. Her ass is high in the air and I'm taking her from behind. Nothing animal or brutal. Just slow and smooth in and out of her. I can feel her fingertips as they graze the underside of my shaft while she rubs her clit.

Involuntarily my buttcheeks flex causing my hips to grind outward pushing my cock against a mound of messed-up blankets and sheets. Pleasant friction.

I pull myself out of her and position my cock between her cheeks. I hold her ass in my hands with my thumbs on top of my hard on and massage it there by slowing thrusting back and forth in the crease. She's purring.

My hips gently rock back and forth suppyling more friction to my swollen cock in the mess of sheets. I reach down with one hand to press on that spot between my anus and my balls causing my already inflated cock to plump up even more. I roll onto my back and kick off the covers. I look down and see my cock is sticking obscenely out of the fly in my flannel boxer shorts.

With one hand my lover pulls a strand of her blond hair behind her ear. Her other hand is grasped firmly around the base of my shaft. We are looking into each others eyes. She shares a mischievous grin and kisses my cockhead. Still smiling, her tongue traces a wet trail from the base of my cock to the tip. At the tip she opens her mouth to take me in. It is warm, wet, and delicious to experience.

With both thumbs into the waistband of my boxers I shed them. They too get kicked to the floor. Something between a growl and a moan comes from my throat . Deep and bassy from yet to be used vocal chords. I begin to grope myself. Both hands squeezing,massaging, and working the area. Teasing it. If someone were to witness the act it would be plain as day. I am playing with myself.

She lowers herself onto my face. Again her ass is in the air and I drink in the sight, taste, and warmth of her as my mouth explores her pussy. Her soft red pubic hairs are fine and silky in texture. She squirms with delight and passion above me and a relish being so close to her pink folds. She reciprocates with passion using her lips on me.

My eyes are open as I watch my hand move slowly and firmly up and down my hard shaft. A couple little bubbles of precum have formed at the tip and I rub them into my swollen cock head. Fuck that feels good. Like her mouth or her pussy. My balls are just now beginning to stop moving with the strokes as they start to tighten up to my body. The huge bloodflow to the whole area has everything in a high sensitivity mode as my left hand explores my balls and the cadence picks up with my right hand as it keeps trying to coax an ejaculation from my cock.

For a moment my brunette is sitting across the bed from me with her legs spread. She is biting her bottom lip as she too is playing with herself. Our eyes are locked onto each other. In another moment my redhead quickly switches from the 69 position to a passionate kiss on my lips while expertly straddling me and guiding my cock into her. My blond is lying beside me and whispering in my ear dirty words. 'Yeah baby, stroke it, make it squirt for me.....cum for me.'

My eyes are closed and my breathing is more like panting. I slow the rhythm of my jacking down to savor the moment. The only things touching the bed at the moment of ecstasy are my shoulders and my heels as everything else is tensed and clenched elevating most of me a inch or two above the bed. I can feel inside me the mechanics of it all. It's like gears or something turning inside that feel so fucking good as the warm squirts of white cream pulse from me. It is very primal and very animal and very satisfying. My jets of cum have painted stripes up and down my torso from my chest to my groin. The next step is to find a towel as I didn't plan ahead.



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