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What Do I Do?

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Please give me your comments and/or post something helping me out with this problem


I have been going to this site for about five years now. I have always loved it. I loved that people feel so comfortable talking about masturbation and how they do it. A lot of the stories also really turn me on. I love this site and I also LOVE masturbating. This is the first time I have ever posted and I really need your opinions and help..so here it goes...

I have a huge problem. But before I start I would like to give you all a little background info on me. I saw my first porn video when I was 13 years old. The things I saw in that video changed me forever. A few months after seeing the video I masturbated for the first time. It felt amazing but I felt so bad for doing it. I thought I had turned gay. I did not touch my penis for another six months.

Eventually one day while in the shower I couldn't help it any longer... I jacked off right there in the shower shooting cum everywhere. That's when it all started. I started jacking off all the time. My older sister was in high school and both my parents worked. So often I got home about thirty minutes before everyone. I would be so excited to get home and rub one out that sometimes I would even run from the bus stop to my house to maximize the time I had alone. Once there I would get naked, get some lotion and go into ecstasy. By the time I got to high school I was getting more in touch with my sexuality. I had lost my virginity and I loved EVERYTHING about sex and sexuality.

I jacked off at least three times a day. College was a huge change for me.. having a room mate sucked, because I could not stroke it like I wanted to. Every once in a while I would even get myself off while he was sleeping being careful not to wake him up (we were good friends and both loved girls so it def would have made things awkward). Well me and the same friend now live together in an apartment with two other guys. We all have our own rooms and often I go in my room and close my door and masturbate. ...... Here comes the problem.. I used to try to be discreet about it but now I can't really hide it. They know when I'm about to go do it and they know when I am lying. It makes me feel bad sometimes because they will knock on my door to go do something or ask for something and I won't answer because I'm jacking off. Once I open my door they'll make me feel bad for always jacking off and tell me I'm a bad friend for ignoring them. (I know their mostly joking but I do feel bad). I feel like its starting to come between us. But what do I do? I dont want to stop doing something I love because my friends dont like that I always do it. But I do often feel kind of ashamed and bad about it.

Please give me your comments and/or post something helping me out with this problem



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