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What Are Little Boys Made Of?

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Having a kid brother is a pain in the ass most of the time. Allan is 14 and has no idea what privacy means, especially with girls. He walks into my room without knocking and without thinking too. Many times he has almost caught me masturbating and he has caught me in my panties or even naked once. The thing is, I never thought he was anything but thoughtless... until two days ago.

I suffer from appalling period pain the day before I get my period and this day I had it bad. So bad that I got sent home from school. I think they were worried about it being appendicitis or something. Anyway, although it is bad, I know what makes it better and that is a good cum or three followed by a hot water bottle on my tummy. So I felt pretty good about the chance of having the house to myself as sometimes, especially right before my period I feel real horny and like to do unusual things.

So, there I was walking up the road when I saw my kid brother running to the house. He had skipped school the little shit! I was really pissed. I sat on a bench in the park for about ten minutes and decided that I still needed to cum and would just have to lock my door.

So I walked into the house and I heard my kid brothers voice coming from upstairs. He was talking to himself and what he said took my breath away. I heard him say 'Oh Lucy you dirty bitch. Look how your little wet pussy has messed up your panties.' I swear I crawled up those stairs so quietly. I peeked into my bedroom door and he was standing there just pulling my panties on. All the time he was talking. 'Mmmm Lucy, your wet cunt feels great against my balls... hehehehe.. no... against my pussy. I love your pussy touching mine. Let's be lesbians together.' I also saw how hard he was getting and let me tell you, my little brother is NOT so little. I had the most evil idea. As I said at this time of the month I am a real slut so I waited a few minutes while he continued to get hismelf going. I saw he had another used pair of my panties and he was stroking and smelling them. 'Oh Lucy, I love your pussy... mmmm Would you like to smell mine?' To which I answered 'Yes!' and walked in.

He was so scared. I dropped to my knees in front of him and pressed my face into my panties and, of course his cock. I smelt myself, but also his maleness too. I told him his pussy smelled lovely and I gave him a name. 'Oh Jessica, let me rub your wet cunt.' I pressed my fingers between his legs and rubbed his hardness. It was real kinky as I rubbed myself at the same time I rubbed his shaft. He didn't last long and suddenly he was cumming and cumming. It went everywhere all over my hair and shirt. When he was finished I asked him if he wanted to be a lesbian with me. He nodded so I let him rub my panties that were on me. He finished by slipping his hand into them and rubbing me off. In my head was the thought of it being another girl and the thought that here I was getting masturbated by my brother. I came real hard and I wet myself too. We had a shower together and he got hard again. I asked him how come and he said it turned him on when I peed. So I straddled his leg in the shower and peed again and this time jacked him off. There was no 'two girls together' now, just me jacking him off. He also fingered me off again. It was totally erotic and totally heavenly.

Now, as I write this I have to ask myself would I do it again? DEFINATELY! Would I go further.. perhaps all the way? You know what? At the right time of the month, I very well might.



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