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What Almost Happened

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Something came over me and I just had to play out this fantasy lol


Let me give you some background info. I'm a 20yr old, pretty good looking guy, I've been getting into jerking off in public bathrooms. It's my third year working at this place, and it has a bathroom that all of the floors can access. It's a public bathroom with two urinals and two stalls, its usually empty but anyone can come in at any time... As you enter the bathroom it has three hooks on the wall to hang coats, bags or whatever..

The thing I wanted to do was hang my t-shirt, jeans, and underwear on each one of the hooks, jerk off in one of the urinals and get dressed again before anyone came inside.. Remember there were no locks for the main door.

One day I was feeling really horny and I went inside the bathroom and was debating on doing it or not. I went to the urinal and took a piss, then my cock began getting really hard, I lowered my jeans to my ankles and the breeze got me even harder. At that point there was no turning back I removed my shoes, and flung my shirt over my head, and slipped out of my jeans. With nothing but my socks on I walked over to the hooks and placed my t-shirt on one hook, jeans in the middle hook, and my underwear on the last hook. As I'm walking back to the urinal my cock is leaking pre-cum like it has never done so before. I start jerking off hard, just staring at the door waiting for someone to fling it open!! I'm shaking in pure bliss at the thought of getting caught and getting off on it so bad. It takes about a minute for me to shoot hard strings of jizz into the urinal. I was shaking so hard, I had never done anything like this. I stepped back and begin puttin on my clothes, I couldn't believe I had just done that. I'm washing my hands and walking out, I open the door and in comes a man. I couldn't even look at his face, I was about a minute in time before I would have been caught red handed, or cock handed... Somtimes I think what would have happend if this guy caught me?!? I guess I will never know...

Hope you like my lil adventure, please comment and give ideas, don't know where to do it next, (maybe video tape the next one?



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