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What a Wierd Way to Start Out

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My first true masturbation experience is truly different than most others. This story may disgust some, titillate others, but its the truth, and truth is stranger than fiction!
I was always interested in sex, ever since my younger cousin showed me her 'peach' when I was about 7 years old. From hanging around older boys I knew that sex had something to do with the man putting his 'jimmy' into the woman's 'peach'. It was understood that this was supposed to feel good, but I couldn't really understand how this worked until when I was 10 and my friend and I found an explicitly nasty porn mag in his mother's dresser drawer. Aside from seeing my cousin's pussy, I hadn't seen anything like what our eyes were subject to in that magazine. Of all the pictures, the one that really stood out in my mind was the extremely close-up pic of a dick shoved all the way into a pussy with the lips being pulled apart. At that very moment, I knew exactly why a pussy would feel good and I could almost imagine how it would actually feel. There in black and white was a huge hard dick completely immersed in what looked like a wet, slippery tunnel of soft, warm flesh.
I remember my little 10-year-old dick was so hard at that moment that it hurt. Damn, that looked so delicious! After that day, I couldn't get 'peaches' and how they must feel off of my mind. Boners were happening in my pants constantly from then on.
About a year and a half later, when I was 12, I came home from school and went to the fridge like I always did. Inside, I found a meat package, and hoping that there would be cold cuts inside, I ripped it open. Instead, there where big brown slabs of pork liver. As soon as my eyes fell upon them, the thoughts of how the inside of that pussy looked in that picture a year and a half before entered my mind. There it was. The wetness. The slipperiness. I ran my finger across the top slab and I could feel my heart beat faster. It felt exactly how I imagined the inside of that pussy must've felt wrapped around the dick in the picture. I picked up a big thick piece of liver and looked at it. I remember hardly being able to swallow at that moment, and my dick instantly becoming rock hard in my pants.
I was literally shaking as I took two big thick pieces of liver from that package and ran up to my room. At this point I really didn't know what to expect. Was I really going to do what I was thinking about doing? How will it feel? Will it feel good? I honestly had no idea what to expect at this point.
I laid the slabs of liver together and then wrapped them into a big washcloth so that only the ends stuck out. I then took a big stuffed tiger that already had the crotch cut open out of my closet. The crotch was cut open from a previous attempt at humping that resulted in a sore dick and no satisfaction whatsoever. Anyway, I removed some inner stuffing from the crotch area and inserted my makeshift pussy. The tiger actually looked like it had a pussy with two brown pussy lips running right down in its crotch area between its big spread legs.
Being just 12 at the time, just having my pants and underwear pulled down to my ankles was nasty enough in itself. But here I was almost buck naked and laying myself on top of this big stuffed tiger with its legs spread. that in itself made me super horny about a month earlier when out of frustration I cut its crotch open and fucked it in the middle of the night after having a nonstop boner in bed for about a half hour. Unfortunately, dry scratchy stuffing just doesn't feel good when rubbing against a little hard penis.
So there I was, I had the house to myself for the next hour, I was horny, feeling nasty, excited, and I was about to experience something I will never forget. Laying on my stomach, I put my weight on the tiger, slid my hand down to my dick. I could hardly swallow and I was shaking with excitement and anticipation as I guided the head to the outer lips of my new makeshift pussy and thrust forward. As my dick easily slid into the tunnel of flesh, its slippery wetness felt like pure heaven. It felt like I lost all consciousness and sense of time as the wet, slippery inner walls of the 'pussy' caressed and massaged every single square centimeter of my hard little wiener. All I could feel and think about was the pure exctasy that my peter was experiencing as I thrust in, brought it back out, then started all over again and again. The heavenly sensation of my little 3 inch wiener being completely immersed in wet, soft, slippery flesh was exactly what my body had been craving, and it was finally happening. It was sensational.
Then, of all times for this to happen, I suddenly had to pee. With every thrust the urge got stronger. I figured I should get up and run to the bathroom to pee, but everything felt so good that I kept telling myself 'one more pump, then I'll go'. But every pump would feel better than the one before it. And with every pump the urge to pee became stronger. Within moments, I was pumping as hard as I could, then SQUIRT!SQUIRT!SQUIRT! I could feel my dick let go over and over no matter how hard I tried to hold it in, as waves of pleasure overwhelmed me over and over again. It was pure physical heaven. I suddenly became really sleepy and when I tried to pump, instead of feeling really good, it instead tickled! I could feel my dick softening and I felt...satisfied. The horniness and frustration was gone and an overwhelming sense of physical satisfaction came over me. And immense guilt. What had I done? It was disgusting! I quickly cleaned everything up and threw my 'pussy' into the outside garbage. I felt terrible for what I did at that moment. I swore to myself that I would never do anything so despicable ever again.
Later that night after everyone was asleep I crept outside to the garbage can and took that new toy back up to my room.

[Webmaster's note: It's not a good idea to handle uncooked meat as it can carry diseases. Even when cooking, you should minimize contact with raw meat and always wash your hands afterwards, in addition to anything that has come in contact with it like knives and cutting boards. There are plenty of ideas in the experiences and technique sections for similar fake vaginas that are much safer.]



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