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What a Train Ride

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This happened to us at Xmas on the train from Manchester to Sheffield. My wife is a little brunette corker, she is tiny and wears the smallest of knickers. I am writing this story for her and telling it as it happened, as she told me.

We were on the train going from Manchester to Sheffield. I've never seen the train so packed. We were in F carriage like sardines. It was so packed we never saw a ticket inspector the whole journey. The train stopped at one station and three girls in their twenties got into our carriage, but only just. It was obvious they were together as they were chatting. The only way they could fit in was one stood in front of my wife, one behind her and the third stood on my wife's left side as I was on her right side. Even then it was tight.

The train trundled on and after a while I felt my wife's foot pushing against mine so I brought my legs closer together. A while later I felt my wife's hand stroking the front of my jeans. I looked down at her hand and then turned to look at her when she indicated with her eyes to look what was happening to her. A hand from the girl in front was between my wife's legs. This is where I tell the story as my wife told it to me.

She felt the girl's hand, who was stood in front, touch her outside of her skirt accidentally a few times. Then when my wife didn't say anything her fingers crept up inside her skirt touching her gently on her tiny panties. Then the fingers started rubbing her still outside but where my wife's clitty would be. My wife then felt another hand from her side touch her and realised the second girl was sliding her hand up my wife's skirt, straight between her legs.

Now I realised why my wife's foot pressed against me earlier. She was opening her legs a bit to give them more access to play with her. She felt the fingers at her front creep inside her panties and play with her little clitty while she felt the hand from the side slip inside her panties and feel for her little entrance. She said she felt two fingers slip slowly inside. Then to crown it all she then felt a hand pushing gently between her legs from behind. The third girl behind my wife was now stroking my wife's butt.

According to my wife when the girl behind found her two friends fingers already on her clitty and inside, she started fingering my wife's little butthole. As I always call it her lovely little rosebud.

The girl behind then put her finger inside my wife's rosebud.

As the train carried on my wife was blissfully enjoying herself and it seems no one else was aware what was going as it happened. After about twelve to fifteen minutes I could feel my wife shake and I could feel her knees going. She tucked her arm into me and gripped on hard. I knew she was close to coming. These three girls were certainly doing it for her.

My wife put her face as close to my neck as possible. She was gasping and whimpering and making little mewing noises softly right by my ear. A few more minutes passed,then I felt her go rigid as she panted in my ear OOOOh fuck love I'm cummimg they're making me cum OOOOOH fuck. And she did cum. I looked around quickly to see if anybody had noticed but nobody apparently did.

My wife composed herself and we carried on our journey. As we got off the train in Sheffield, so did the three girls. One of the girls a lovely little blonde said to me that she hopes that I didn't mind what they did to my wife and I said as long as my wife didn't mind neither did I. As she was saying this the other two girls were talking to my wife. She told me afterwards that the three of them wanted to take her home with them any time and I could watch but I strictly could not touch.

We don't live there so we declined. My wife told me later that she had never been touched so erotically and it was the best orgasm she's had for a while. If we lived there we might take up their offer as I certainly would love to see them taking care of my lovely little wife so erotically again. She really is a lovely little brunette corker with a lovely little body and I love her so much.

I hope someone likes my story as my wife would never have written it. That's why I wrote it for her. Any comments would be nice. If I get any I will show them to her.



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