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What a Sucking Sound

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One time during the summer I was allowed to stay over at my friend Jeff's house for the night with him and his two cousins. That afternoon his parents told us they were going out for the evening and we were told to stay in the house and watch TV. That was ok by us and did so. After an hour we got bored of TV and the older cousin of my friend asked if we would like to have some interesting fun. Without any hesitation we all said, 'Yes!'

The first thing we had to do is have one of us to watch out the window for Jeff's parents to come home. Next, he told us we all have to take off our clothes, which we did. The older cousin asked Jeff to go find the vacuum, which was done. He explained that when the vacuum is turned on and when we put our penis in the far end of the hose, it would feel good. None of us were sure about this idea, so the older cousin explained to us what would happen. Since the vacuum hose is long our penises would not get hurt and the air being sucked into the hose would make our penis wiggle and it would feel good; he offered to be the first.

He turned on the vacuum and put his hard penis into the hose opening just enough to allow the sucking air to rush around his penis causing the penis to vibrate. Within a minute or so his head went back, let out a few moans, and his body shivered! He pulled out his penis and with a smile asked who wanted to be next?

A flurry of, 'Me!' went out so he handed the vacuum hose to the first out stretched hand and showed its owner how to do it. With minutes of trial and effort that boy had his first air sucking orgasm! The hose was then passed on to the next kid and he too had fun. This was done until all four of us had our first vacuum masturbation.

At this time the older cousin told the last boy to peek out the window to watch for the parents and explained we all can do this again, which we did. One interesting thing to this masturbation session was we all were young, around 13 and we did not shoot out any cum, just dry orgasms. Also, because we were young we could have another orgasm shortly after the last. Because the force of the sucking air around our penis in the mouth of the hose, it caused the skin of our penises to vibrate very quickly causing a quick orgasm.

Our little 'pass the hose' fun ended when we were all drained; we put on our clothes and put the vacuum away without any trace of our fun except four very limp, tired, and satisfied penises.

A side note, after this event of masturbating with a vacuum, I did do it again several times until I grew and my penis would not fit into the hose and no sucking air could go around it. Also, because we and I used a long vacuum hose it kept our/my penis away from the vacuum itself, it was safe. Do not put your penis into any danger when masturbating; it is not worth the risk of any injury!



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