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What a Relief (Literally)

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I serve on the altar of my local Church. I am one of only two girls who do that. The rest are boys, ranging in age from 8 to 16


The midnight Christmas Mass is a long one and, of course, very very late. This means that it is expected that only the older altar servers attend this one as it is deemed too late for the youngsters.

I arrived, as I always do, in good time and met a co-server, Steven. Steven is 16, but quite the jack the lad. I walked into the sacristy and caught him redhanded with a bottle of altar wine and he had obviously taken a good swig at it too. He offered it to me, partly, I think, to make me an accomplice, but I declined. I told him it was rather daring to do that when anyone could have walked in. He smiled a really furtive little smile and said, 'What, more daring that this?' and he opened his cassock! Underneath he was stark naked. He told me sometimes the older boys like to do this as a dare. He was beautifully built too. He dared me to do the same but there was no way I was going to go naked. As we got ready, people in and out all the time a thought formed in my head, and that thought was 'Why not?' So, fully dressed and with my red cassock on I went to the toilet and stipped totally naked. I hid my clothes and put my cassock back on.

All I can say is that I felt so alive, so incredibly horny and I think Steven knew exactly what I had done. At one point we were kneeling next to each other and he whispered, 'Sarah, are you naked under there?' I nodded just a little. 'Well, there is something else the boys do afterwards sometimes. Meet me in the store room.' The store room is up in the bell tower and as people left the church, I headed up there. When I got into the room the three boys were already there and they had their cocks out and were wanking. 'We do this sometimes after Mass' Steven said. I felt my pussy start to twitch and soon, the three boys were wanking and I had my cassock open and was jilling off with them. I have never felt so absolutely alive! I quickly undid the remaning buttons and knelt down in front of them. I looked up and said 'Do it on me.' It didn't take long before I had three boys cumming all over my breasts, tummy, thighs and pussy.'

Afterwards we put our cassocks back on and I went to where I had hidden my clothes. I changed back noticing the sperm stains on the inside of my cassock. (I didn't wash it for a whole week either!)

Walking home in the freezing night, I thought about what I had done. Bad, of course, but maybe that's what made it all the more horny?

I also wanted more. I have no idea why I was still so horny, but as I walked home, I had an overwhelming urge to masturbate outdoors. (Something I have only ever thought about.) There was also something else too. I needed to pee.

I am best friends with a girl called Anna who is really adventurous. She tells me lots of things that she has done or wants to do and one of the things that really gets her off is peeing in her panties. (Once, she asked me to watch her and it was pretty horny. I had to masturbate after she had gone home) So I decided to play a little scenario I use when I want a 'nasty' cum. I pretend I am being followed. I started to peek over my shoulder and walk faster. I worked myself up to being really afraid and finally, I almost ran into a car park where I backed into a corner. I tugged my top up and my bra with it. I even started to talk out loud. 'Oh please. Don't. Don't rape me....oh, I'm so scared.' At which point I let myself do it into my panties. Oh. My God! What a feeling! I stood there with my panties filling with pee and running down my leg and as soon as I had finished I masturbated furiously. I could still smell the boy's sperm and I imagined them gang banging me. The orgasm knocked me off my feet.

The future? Well, you know, I think there are two things for me. One is that I rather think I would like something to happen with Anna. She is obviously a very sexual girl and I think some of what she tells me is designed to turn me on. If so, I think I will go along with it. The second is that I want to be gang banged, or at least be part of a group wanking session with Steven and the boys.

OK, well, that's my Christmas confession. I daren't tell my priest. He is well over 70 and I am sure he wouldn't survive it!



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