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What a Night

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This story took place about a year ago with my best friend. We've been best friends since we were little and practically lived at each other's house in the summer. One night I went over to his house for a routine sleep-over, you know watch movies, talk about girls,etc. Well this night was different.

We were both tired and sore from working out earlier that day and decided to get showers and get to bed. He volunteered to take the first shower while I watched TV. As he undressed, I couldn't help to notice how muscular he was and - on top of that - how huge his cock was. He was about 6', 190lbs and had a 6 inch cock soft. I'm not gay, but I couldn't help but stare as he walked into the bathroom.

I heard the water running and decided to walk in and talk to him while he showered. We were having a normal conversation when the topic of girls came up. We both had girlfriends at the time, and we started sharing stories about our experiences. To hear him tell his sex stories while I sat only a curtain away from his naked body sprung my cock to life. I was so nervous that he was gonna get out of the shower and notice my hard on and think I was gay when - to my shock - he got out of the shower to ask for a towel and also had a raging boner.

I stripped and went to get in the shower when he called from the bedroom and told me not to jack off but to wait because he stole one of his dad's pornos. I couldn't believe it; I was so excited and scared that I couldn't even finish my shower. I rushed into the bedroom, slipped on some boxers, and got into bed.

He reached over to the TV, and the image of a guy getting head popped up. My cock was still hard, and I couldn't wait to finish. I looked at my friend and he was slowly stroking himself under the sheets, so I followed suit.

I was so excited and nervous at the same time; I couldn't believe what I was doing. After a couple of minutes, my friend asked if he could throw the covers off because it was so hot. I agreed and continued jacking off except every once in awhile I would sneek a peak at him laying on his back stroking his huge shaft as his balls bounced against his legs.

But just as I was starting to get close to cumming, he looked over and saw that I was watching him instead of the porno. He just smiled and stopped jacking off while he leaned over and took hold of my throbbing cock.

He started slow, taking his time stroking up to my head and all the way down my shaft to my neatly trimmed bush. As he sped up, his other hand cupped and tugged on my balls until I groaned and shot my load on his arm. He continued to milk my cock until I was so sensitive I couldn't take it anymore.

He leaned back and said with a smile, 'My turn.' I reached over and grabbed his massive cock in my hand. I began to stroke it as slow as I could while, with my free hand, I gently caressed his thighs, making my way up to his cleanly shaved sack. Cupping his warm balls in my hand, I began to pick up the pace, stroking him faster.

He moaned, and I felt his muscles tighten as I stopped and just softly pulled on his balls. I then spread his oozing pre-cum around the tip of his raging boner and teased his throbbing dick until finally I started to stroke him. I picked up speed and gripped his thick shaft harder as his balls slapped against his thighs and his back arched as streams of silky white cum shot out of his dick and landed on my hand and his neck and chest.

We cleaned up and lay naked together as we talked about how awesome that was. We both agreed never to tell anyone and to do it more often.



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