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What a Ferry Ride

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This happened about six years ago and I still count it as one of my most intense orgasms


Years ago, a family trip required us taking a car ferry. At one end of the boat was a small men's washroom, very cramped and dark, that housed two toilet cubicles, a urinal and a small sink.

Needing to pee very, very badly and seeing the urinal in use, I slipped into the cubicle closest to the wall. I quickly sat down and enjoyed the sweet release of letting go (I think we all know what that feels like).

Now that the urgency was gone, I relaxed and looked around. Lo and behold the wooden wall next to me, on my left, had a small peephole near the toilet paper holder. My heart started beating wildly at the possible prospects this offered.

Sure enough, as I bent down quietly to look, I realised I was peering into a cubicle of the ladies' washroom next door. My cock immediately got rock hard as this is probably one of the most exciting things one can discover.

A middle-aged lady was sitting there quietly doing her thing totally unaware that she was being watched. Just as I had realised what or who I was looking at, she had finished. She quickly wiped her pussy, stood up while pulling up her panties and let her dress drop.

It all happened so fast that I really did not have a chance to see much of her. However I was not to wait long before the next lady came in. I was a little more ready now.

This time it was a woman in her twenties. The angle of the peephole allowed me to see the face and part of the body once the woman was seated on the toilet.

Also I found, because of the angle I was bending down to, that the most comfortable position to hold and play with my hard excited cock, was to have it pointing directly down towards the toilet bowl.

My mouth got dry as I started drinking in the details of this young lady. The woman had undone her pants and pulled both her pants and bikini panties off and sat down quickly. I caught a glimpse of her patch of pubic hair as she sat and was hoping she would give me more time to see her more clearly when she got up.

When she did get up however, she angled her body slightly to her right as she pulled up her panties thus giving me again only a short glimpse of her crotch and a nice view of her ass. From what I could see she kept her pubic hair untrimmed, 'au naturel'.

Unfortunately there was not enough stimuli for me to come just yet. I was waiting and hoping for a really hot sight to bring me over the edge. I was wondering if I would have to wait long as my heart beat ever so loudly {to me). I guess all of this was like foreplay with myself. What I was doing was just so naughty and exciting and I longed to finally release this pent up excitement I had inside of me.

Finally this woman left and another one walked in. This lady was very cute, in her thirties, short blonde hair, unmarried (no ring on her left hand), wearing fairly tight(nice ass) designer jeans and A THONG. Oh my God, she was heavenly.

She started out by wiping the toilet seat with toilet paper. She then pulled her tight pants down slowly, then finished pulling down her sexy thongs before gently sitting down to do her business.

She was a very sexy and classy woman. I just knew she was the one that would make me 'cream myself'. I knew that the moment I saw her pussy. I nearly lost my mind when I realised she was totally shaved bare as she sat down.

I studied that beautiful face of hers and tried to imagine what kind of person she was. I wondered what kind of sex she liked, and how often she masturbated. She just oozed sensuality.

I could just imagine her in the throws of ecstacy, making love, or when she really got into it, fucking with total abandon, enjoying it to the max. I wondered if she was a screamer or a moaner. I studied her mouth and her lips and wondered did she like women (or both) and had those lips explored a female companion recently. All of these thoughts went through my mind as I squeezed my prick hard, as I was pumping myself up and down, back and forth along the full length of it.

God I needed to come but I was waiting for her to stand up again. She eventually did and that is when I was handsomely rewarded for my patience. She took some toilet paper, stood up and turned facing the wall, facing ME. She moved her legs apart, still with her pants and panties around her ankles and proceeded to give her pussy a thorough wiping.

I was mesmerized, this wonderful woman's pussy lips were not more than 12 inches away from my gaze. It was as if she was giving me my own private show. I drank her in and her image is burnt into my memory since that day.

It was like slow motion, as I studied her outer and inner pussy lips being wiped hard, the puffiness of her mound of Venus, the nub of her clitoris, so exposed by her nakedness.

I was suddenly gripped by this incredible wave of intense pleasure, as if a dam suddenly broke in my body, as my brain connected the dots from my eye to my brain down to my pulsating cock.

As I started to spasm, my right hand was working my cock with knowing dexterity, rubbing those nerve endings back and forth so quickly. These were the same nerve endings that I had rubbed thousands of time before but this time it was extra special.

Every cell in my body was crying out as I came. I was transfixed to that woman's pussy. Her pussy was making me come, oh what a divine orgasm that was, so INTENSE and so silent.

Little did she know that her beautiful, horny looking pussy that gave her and unknown numbers, pleasure in the past, was doing so again, right now, without her knowledge, to ME.

She was giving me this orgasm without even trying. Every nerve in my body was still convulsing as I milked the last of my milky white essence into the toilet as I watched her curvy body pull up her sexy thong and tight jeans back on.

Then she was gone. Thank you, oh goddess of pleasure wherever you are, you will forever be remembered.



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