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What a Drink at the Bar Can Do for You!

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What a drink at the bar can do for you!

The other week I was together with a colleague of mine in a big European city for business.

We had a nice dinner in a restaurant down the road from our hotel. When we returned we decided to have a drink at the bar before going to bed.

The bar was not very crowded and we took a seat close to the bar. At the bar there was an attractive looking woman talking to a guy. My colleague somehow got to talk to the guy who was Swedish and I started talking to the lady who was from the UK. She had a very nice body and beautiful eyes. After an hour my colleague said he was going to bed and also the Swedish guy said goodnight, which left the two of us which was actually exactly what we wanted.

We talked about various subjects and of course at a certain time the subject came to sex. We talked about where we had sex and with who and what we liked the best. This went on and on and we both noticed it got us very excited.

She told me she loved a finger or vibrator in her ass when she was masturbating herself, which is just what I like when I jerk off.

The drinks made us both very easy and I decided it was time to go for it. I told her I would like to see her naked with a vibrator in her ass while she was rubbing her clit. She said she could do that but since she was traveling with a female friend of hers we would need to go to my room, but had to stop by hers to get the vibrator (which she wouldn't leave home without, she said) and the lube.

We were both in a relationship so agreed that no intercourse would take place before we settled the bar bill and went up the elevator.

Her room was on the 3rd floor and mine on the 5th so she said she would come to my room. In the elevator she told me to get undressed already, because the anticipation would make her even hornier. When I came in my room I dimmed the lights and got undressed. Five minutes later there was a knock on the door. My friend for the evening also got undressed in her room and put a bathrobe on and took the elevator up. It was already 2:00 at night so not many people were in the hallway and in front of my door she dropped the robe and stood there in full glory in front of me. She had a great body with strong C cup breasts with big nipples that were waiting to be sucked on. Her pussy was bold just the way I like it.

Of course I was also standing there naked with my dick at full force. I invited her in and after closing the door we started kissing passionately where I pinned her against the door. She said she would love to feel that hard cock inside her but we agreed to stick to our policy. Still standing against the door she started to jerk me off and I with two fingers in her pussy which slided in easy.

I got on my knees and started to finger her beautiful pussy. She put one leg against the wall which made it a great sight. After two minutes she said she was going to come and I could feel her pussy contracting around my fingers. I licked all her wonderful sweet juices of my fingers.

We decided to get in the shower and soap up, so we could continue our play nice and clean. We couldn't keep our hands off each other in the shower. My dick was almost going to explode. I told her that and she said she would take care of that. She took a generous amount of soap and started to wash my ass putting a finger in my ass now and then. With the other hand she was jacking my hard cock. After a minute or so I couldn't take in anymore: the view of the great looking woman sitting in front of me with her index finger in my ass and her hand around my cock was too much and I exploded on her breasts and face. The cum just kept flowing. She licked some off her face and breasts and said she could taste the whiskey I had been drinking.

Normally when I come it takes me a while before I can get to part nr. 2, but this time my dick didn't appear to lose much if it's force. I also soaped her ass nice and clean and we dried off and laid down on the bed. Her pussy was just one of the wettest I had ever seen and easily could take 3 fingers which made her scream of pleasure. I took the vibrator which was one of those medium size gelly things and put it on high. I first put it in her wet love hole which only took a minute or so for her to come. Her orgasm just ended and she asked to put the vibrator in her ass. I put some generous amount of lube on the machine and it went in very easily. This woman had experienced the sensation before. She asked me if I could hold the vibrator and suck on her nipples while she rubbed her pussy. This would make for the most sensational orgasm. Of course I eagerly replied and started to suck her big nipples while holding the vibrator in place. She rubbed or pussy like a mad man and after 5 minutes came so hard that I had to hold my right had on her mouth, because it was already 3:00 at night and we didn't want to wake the whole hotel. She squirted her love juices all over her hand, her ass and bed. It took her about 10 minutes to catch her breath again and she said this was one of the best she had in years.

Now it was my time! She cleaned the vibrator and put enough lube on it and on my ass. I just love the feeling of a vibrator touching the opening of my ass. She said her boyfriend wasn't into anal play and she regretted that because nothing would make her more horny than putting things in a guy's ass. She slowly played with the vibrator for a while until my ass was ready to have it completely. It took me a little bit longer, because the vibrator was bigger then the one I use it home, but once it was in it felt sensational. She played with the controls and jacked my hard cock. After 15 minutes of this I couldn't take it anymore: my ass and dick were screaming to come! I told her that and she said it would be real kinky of I would get on hands and knees and she would position herself under me. I would need to handle the vibrator and she would take care of my cock.

I took the vibrator out, got on hands and knees, she laid under me with my cock around the height of her tits. I easily slided the vibrator back into my ass. She grabbed my cock and slowly started to jerk me off. It didn't take me long to explode on her tits. I couldn't believe that I could produce so much cum the 2nd time as well. Her tits were covered with my cum and she massaged my juices into her skin.

We laid on the bed next to each other and both fell asleep. I woke up at around 7:00 and noticed she had left already.

After one more hour of sleep I took a shower and went downstairs to meet my colleague for breakfast. As we were having breakfast I noticed my masturbation friend coming into the room with her friend. We made eye contact and both had a big smile on our faces. She was getting her eggs and bread at the buffet and I told my colleague I was going to get some more orange juice. I softly whispered in her ear 'thanks for last night' and she replied with the same.

Shortly after we all left and never saw each other again, just remaining the horny memories......................



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