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Wetter Is Better

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I write as a person who has masturbated his entire post pubescent life, and even before. Now in my sixties I have still not lost my appetite for self pleasure and if the truth be know it has been my most gratifying sexual outlet at almost all points in my life. Over these many years I have used my imagination to search for the technique that provides the deepest and most prolonged period of arousal with the most intense feelings at the point of ejaculation. It is a technique that involves some props and some fetishes I have developed and here it is.

I start by laying a good sized plastic drop cloth on the bedroom floor. (This will get messy!) Then I put on a pair of white cotton ladies panty briefs that I have stowed away in my closet. I love the feeling of these panties on my genitals, I like the idea that a garment that was meant to contain female genitals is now caressing mine and I like their heightened transparency that comes from the fact that there is a single layer of fabric covering me and not the typical double layer of male briefs.

Next I squat down on my knees and haunches and slide a glass cereal bowl under my crotch area. I also have a mirror propped in front of me so I can watch my whole crotch area as I proceed. Having waited until I have a full bladder I now begin to release enough pee so that I can watch my panties gradually soak and then see my penis and balls through the fabric as it becomes more and more transparent. I reach down and help by smearing the urine across the panties totally soaking them. I stroke myself in and out of the panties and push them up and down alternating between exposing and covering my genitals in a kind of a tease as the pee begins to collect in the glass bowl. Then when I still have a fair amount of pee left in me I lay back on the plastic cloth and elevate my legs in the air, well spread apart so that I can still see my whole crotch area in the mirror. I then grab my penis and point it to my chest and urinate on my upper body and even face using the soaked panties to rub and wet myself down all over. Finally after having evacuated my bladder I raise up on my knees again and start another phase of my little ritual.

I have placed next to me a large container of very hot water, as hot as I can stand it to the touch. I then take a round plastic food container of just the correct size and scoop out some water and press it up into my crotch so that my genitals are completely submerged. I shake it vigorously until the water cools a bit whereupon I refill the container and repeat this several times. This feels incredibly good and the heat is an important part of my whole water and urination sequence. Throughout this whole opening ritual I don't necessarily have a full hard erection but I am so comforted by the warm wet feelings I experience in wetting my panties and soiling myself that I am ready to proceed to the more conventional masturbation that comes next.

It is at this point that I turn on my computer where I have some images stored that enable me to proceed to full arousal and and rock hard erection. These are of a girl that is erotically surefire to me. She is dark haired with very small breasts but beautiful brown pointy nipples. Her hips are wide, pubic area fairly hairy and very fleshy, dark hued labia. In these images she sits or stands there, smiling sweetly at me, letting me look at her sex from several different angles. I fantasize that she is speaking to me in very comforting and reassuring words saying things such as....'I love to look at your gorgeous penis'....... 'it is a beautiful thing to watch a man masturbate'...... 'I too love to masturbate'........ 'as you masturbate do you think of ejaculating on my pussy'...... 'isn't masturbation so much fun.' I can stay hard for ten or even fifteen minutes staring at images of this girl and carrying on this imaginary conversation, exposing ourselves to each other and dwelling on the details, pleasures and beauties of masturbation. Finally when I can take no more I stroke myself vigorously to ejaculation as I focus intently on the curve of her lower belly, her fleshy lips and her gaping vagina. I have put the pee soaked panties halfway back on and I pull them up as I ejaculate and give them a final soaking with a dose of cum. I then clean up and shower although at times, when I am particularly sex starved I can come again just using some porno images.

Of course there are many times I just masturbate quickly and there are many other ways I have experimented with stimulating myself but this ritual of urination, hot water and masturbation always satisfies me the most.

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