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Wet and Sticky

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There was no father in the house and anything to do with sex was a no-no for my mom. In the sixties, I think I was the only one in the world who had absolutely no idea what sex was all about.

But there were feelings. And dreams. I had dreams that went wet, and was shocked and scared with all that sticky mess in the morning. At the same time it felt so good when it happened, and also felt so good when I touched my cock, and so strange when it got stiff-I loved to pose in front of the big wall mirror in the bath room and watch myself gyrating my ass like a girl with that stiff cock standing out, and once I touched it too eagerly-and suddenly that white, sticky mess which had embarrassed me so often in the morning shot out of my cock and ran down the mirror glass in small globs.

I had discovered the basics of masturbation. But the fine art of it was yet to come. That happened in the form of Tibor, a Hungarian boy of my age who together with his Mom was our house guest for a few weeks. He roomed with me but because of language problems there was little we could talk about.

One evening I was washing up for bed standing in pyjama shorts before the basin (which was in our tiny room) with Tibor waiting for his turn, also half naked. Being watched in silence gave me the same tingling feeling which I usually had while posing in front of the mirror, and I felt my cock getting hard and while washing I moved my body in a girlish way of dancing.

Suddenly Tibor switched off the lights and jumped on me from behind as if he wanted to wrestle me down. I felt his smooth naked skin against my back and something hard poking my ass, and I didn´t offer any resistance but pressed my ass against his belly, and his arms came around and his right hand press against my cock through the thin cotton of my pyjama briefs and I felt his fingers... and immediately my semen shot out. I felt embarrassed and wanted to escape his grip but he seemed to enjoy my cumming and his hand slipped inside my pants feeling for my wetness while he pushed his pelvis hard against my ass, three or four times ... followed by jerky movements which signaled to me that he was cumming too. When I felt his wet cum on my ass I realized that he had pulled my pants down. I hadn´t noticed this before.

There were a few seconds of silence and then he let loose. In the darkness I felt my way to my bed, and when-after a few minutes of total silence-I took courage to switch on the night light for a moment I saw Tibor in his bed pretending to sleep.

That was my sexual awakening, and it became a nightly ritual: One of us turned off the lights and we 'wrestled' until we squirted. Initially we performed our sexy wrestling rites half naked, in pyjama shorts or underwear, but eventually we became bolder and stripped naked and stroked each other´s cocks. But always with the lights out with no words or moans, immediately ending our game with our mutual orgasms which always happened more or less simultaneously: When one of us came the wet and sticky feeling forced the semen out of the other...

Then Tibor left, but I had discovered the wonderful world of lustful masturbation. Girls entered my life much later, and until today I´m a practicing bi-sexual.



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