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Wet Afternoon Wetter Evening

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I'll definitely be back next Saturday


I work in a suburban office building, I've been going in weekends to do the clerical work that is not getting done since the lay-offs. It is mindless stuff. Filing, sorting, billing; I listen to steamy audio books with ear buds. I am almost always alone, and oblivious to everything else.

This last Saturday was different, half way through my work, I see activity out in front of the building. A local cheer squad was gathering. I knew immediately what was to happen. They were using the reflective windows of the building as a mirror to practice their routines. The building faces south and it was a sunny day. The golden reflection of the building gave the girls a surreal erotic glow. I knew there was no way they could see me in the building. I'm sure they figured it was vacant on a weekend. Maybe they didn't care. The voyeuristic/exhibitionist potential was not lost on me. I was soaked already listening to my book.

I found ways to do my filing near the windows. Sports bras and spandex shorts or panties seemed the order of the day.

I thought about heading to the ladies room to rub one out, but then I decided to set up right in front of the window. The girls would put on a show for me and I would put on a show for them. In my mind at least, there was no way they could see in.

I set up my chair right in front of the window and put on some pelvis bumping music. As the girls continued to arrive they would come to deposit their things just two feet below me on the ledge. They were checking themselves out in the reflection, as girls do in the restroom before heading out to make an impression: Adjusting boobs, and crotches, brushing their hair, practising there smile. With me not four feet away, strumming my bean.

As they started their routines I realized these girls are good. I'm not a lesbian but they definitely knew how to work it. They had me creaming up a storm. I wanted this to last but as they took their breaks, the show got better. They would towel off and powder their midriff and backs. Apparently a sweaty body is harder to climb, or throw, and catch. Many of the girls were soaked through their bras and shorts. Everything was darker but the crotch. They clearly had liners in their gussets to mask the camel toe. With the wet bras, nipples became more evident.

Some of the girls were mostly there for muscle: throwing, and catching, and pyramid bases but they were not heavy. They were domes in my fantasy. They had strong arms with well defined muscles; their Pecs were high and developed. Their breasts were like that of a body builder. With a masculine shape, but their erect nipples left no doubt as to their femininity. I so envied them, my nipples would never show in a sports bra. I love showing off my body.

The tumblers were amazing they were like watching synchronized muses their moves were so erotic and hammering any dry crotch watching them had to be a eunuch or a spinster. Some of the routines were nearly pornographic. I wish my phone had more memory so I could have filmed it.

There was this one pixie of a girl who could not have weighed 80 lbs. She had the body of a gymnast. She was the top of every pyramid and the feature girl being thrown. They threw her to the top of a three high pyramid and she climbed to the top of a five high stack. She was constantly adjusting her crotch and bra. She did not have much to hold in place. But her nipples were rock hard in the cooling afternoon air. She was hanging out with one of the big girls in most of the down time. (Her primary catcher) there was something definitely going on there. Pixie girl never got sweaty. But her friend was soaked. As they approached the building the big girl reaches into her shorts to adjust her gusset and is in there for longer than it would take. As she pulls her hand out she shows it to pixie girl and she grabs her hand and brings it to her nose. Then she gets a lusty look in her eye. She then licks and sucks the big girls fingers. This was more than I could take. I went crazy on my clit. The show was not over. Hidden from the others by a towel the pixie girl shoved her friends hand down her pants. At first there was reluctance, but when it was apparent none of their friends were watching she really dug in. This was no doubt a momentary all out finger fuck. I came so hard I did not see what happened after that. As I recovered from my daze I saw them walking back to the group.

It was than I became aware of motion behind me. The cleaning guy was there with an unmistakable tent in his overalls. I ran to the ladies room to recover. Not thinking I had left my panties on the floor by the window. I was terrified, embarrassed, but very aroused. I rubbed out another massive orgasm to the thought of this Mexican stud jerking off with my panties. I was more than a half hour before I felt composed enough to come out of the ladies room. The guy was vacuuming well away from where I had been. I went back. My panties were gone and the waste-basket was empty. There was no way I was going to confront the janitor. Fantasy is one thing I was not about to try living that one out. I just wanted to get out of there at that point.

I was supposed to meet my boyfriend for dinner and drinks. There was no time to go home. I thought about stopping and buying some panties, but my afternoon thrill had me horny and emboldened. I chose to go without. I was so turned on through dinner I was literally soaked, I went to the ladies room to try to sop up some of the excess I had felt running down to my ass. The back of my skirt was literally wet. Luckily it was a heavy wool skirt and it did not show. I got back to the table and looked down at the light colored seat pad and it had a wet spot.

I was so horny I was ready to fuck him right there on the table. I grabbed his dick under the table and he shook his head. When it was clear I was not relenting, he reached for me under the table. I spread my legs for him to gain access. In less than five minutes after freshening up I was soaked again. His finger slipped right in. He grabbed me by the hand and threw way more money on the table than the bill would be, and led me out. He holding me close in front of him to mask his hard on.

What happened in the parking lot was not for this site, but suffice it to say, several folks got a show before we sped off.



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