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Wendy, Class 101

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Go back and read 'Francis, the Master'. This is the sequel. This is the story of when Francis went on vacation and I had to find an alternative.


I never thought I'd have anyone to write about after Francis stroked my dick. I've been to many massage parlors and never had anybody come even close to what Francis could do with a hard penis.

Yesterday I met Wendy. Wendy is in the same offices as Francis except up stairs. I really didn't know she was there until I looked around for another masseuse. When I walked in I met two gals, one a bit younger than Wendy, she quickly excused herself to another room. Wendy, Asian and about thirty years of age, wearing knee high 'fuck me' boots, a black sweater and black spandex blended pants. Her clothes set off her figure nicely. Not Petite, not fat, but curves in all the right places. I didn't get that much of a chance to look at her as she had me undress and lay down on the table, face down looking out small hole. She waited behind a partition.

At first she draped a towel over my legs and as I listened thinking that a towel over the rest of me would not be good sign for getting more that just a massage. She placed a heat lamp over me which felt wonderful. My back had a small knot in it, first and foremost I wanted that taken care of, if she would do anything else that would be gravy.

She stood at my head, ran her hands slowly down my back, past my buttocks and then curved her fingers in and came back up brushing the crack of my ass. Each time a little deeper. I sensed she liked my ass and wanted more. I sensed correctly.

I directed her to the knot under my left shoulder, she did a great job of erasing all pain from it. She then went down and stood to my left side. Both my arms were at my side, palms up. As she moved a bit using her fore arm as a rolling pin on my back I would every once in short time feel what I thought was a leg brushing my left hand. I extended my fingers and reached up a bit and felt pussy. That, was an excellent sign. I started caressing it, she didn't move away but opened her legs a bit more giving me better access.

We exchanged signals with each other reading that we were both, no more than two consenting adults. No money changed hands so the word prostitution could not apply.

For you novices out there, that is how you do it without using any talk what so ever. If I were a cop it would have been illegal to so much as caress her hair. If she was she'd of had to get me to offer her money. How anybody is busted for prostitution is beyond me.

So back to two consenting adults. Wendy starts working on my ass brushing her fingers deep in the crack making contact with my anus. I bend my knees up a bit and lift off the table to give her more room for her hands to reach under and do even more exploring. She brushes my balls and then my cock, very lightly with her palms open.

After a short time my cock is now hard as steel and holding me up off the table all by itself. I turn over to put it on display. Wendy looks at it and a huge smile breaks out across her face. She then looks me in the eye looking for my reaction. I speak only English, she speaks only Chinese but we both know what comes next.

Wendy reaches for her oils and lubes up both hands before her left hands clamps around my turgid penis. With her right she massages my balls but is wanting to go further, I let her.

I motion to pull her pants down to get a look at her black haired, shaved or trimmed pussy. She pulls away, Not getting the chance to even feel her breasts on this visit. She goes back to stroking my dick and that is when I wish Francis was doing it instead. She wasn't quite as good but she'd certainly achieve the desired results. Back goes her right hand, a finger extended searching for my anus. She plunges it in, deep in my ass. It feels good, very good. She's tickling my prostate. I wish my doctor could take lessons from her when it's time for a DRE.

Her left hand is stroking my cock her right hand is in my ass and I'm going to shoot any second. She abruptly stops all stimulation. She took me to the edge of what felt like was going to be a very strong orgasm.

All feelings subsides and she starts anew. I do my best to make it last but this time it feels like their will be no holding back. Again the cum starts to well up from just past my prostate gland. Somehow she senses it, and abruptly stops. My whole body is almost shaking from excitement. After a few moments she slowly starts the same stimulation.

Keep in mind I've already had what really amounts to two orgasms. Albeit with out the ejaculations. This time if she is going stop again I'm sure I can't. I get close to eruption and again she stops, I feel it building anyway. The pressure of my semen is desperately trying to get out of my body, but I can feel it hesitating, like it's not sure of it's next move. Like a dog that's not sure what he did deserves praise or a scolding. I motion to her to keep it going this time. Wendy grabs a hold even tighter, she gives me a few more strokes before loosening her grasp to let the cum fly. And fly it does, long thick ropes of jism emerge. Landing on her hands and my abdomen, pooling in my navel. There is literally a pond of cum resting on my torso.

I always thought Francis could get it to all shoot out. I've never cum so hard in forty five years. Never has so much cum shot out of my cock. I simply didn't know I was capable of shooting such a load. Really I'm thinking it was about a half cup of semen. Is that possible? Wendy even had more on her hands.

My fantasy is to now get Wendy and Francis together to double team me. What a great orgasm that would make.

Here's my question to people more knowledgeable than I. Maybe a health care professional, someone that studied physiology and would know. How did Wendy sense exactly when I was going to ejaculate? Could she feel my prostate contracting? I really don't think I can ask my doctor that. I've always been open and honest with her but I just don't see myself being able to bring up the subject.

Oh, Wendy did perform like a trooper. I just couldn't leave without tipping her. I reached into my pocket and peeled off four, no, five dollars and handed them to her.



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