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Well Played Game

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A few weeks ago when my university was having a break, my friend (we'll call him Rick) came over to my house to hang out for the day. We did this regularly as he was my best friend. We normally played video games, watched tv/movies, talk or go to the beach. This day we however, we had a score to settle. The previous weekend Rick and I had been wrestling but we never got to determine a winner, today would be the day.

After my uncle and cousin had left the house we began throwing each other wildly across the room. We rolled across the cold, tiled floor grunting and moaning as we tugged, pulled, tied and rammed each other in an effort to force the other to tap out. As we fought and our bodies rubbed against each other I could feel my penis begin to swell. This did not bother me as we had done this before. At one point Rick picked me up and threw me on the bed where he climbed on top of my and held me down. Knowing he was afraid of being touched on his neck I used my tongue to lightly skim it. He squealed but refused to let go. I continued to do this getting more and more into it in the hope he would release me. Instead he brought his head down to mine and began to suck on my neck as I was doing his.

This was an odd feeling as I had never done this to another male. As we ran our tongues down the nape of each other's necks I could feel the bulge in his pants, while mine pulsated underneath him. When I finally got the chance I suddenly rolled away and held him on top of me from behind. As I did this I used me feet to massage his now hard member. He begged me to stop as he was enjoying the feeling too much. Suddenly I felt his hand dig deep in my pants and grab my hard cock and begin to tug on it. As he did I released him and asked him to stop. He said that the only way for him to stop was to admit defeat. Unable to do so, I sat there as my best friend began to stroke my cock that had already begun to spew large amount of pre cum. Not wanting to go down so easily I lunged forward on top of Rick and grabbed his hard dick. He smiled at me and said 'Go ahead, whoever cums first loses.'

Somehow Rick ended up on top of me again this time both of our shorts slightly pulled down our thighs, each of us holding onto the other's thick cock in our hands. As I stroked his circumcised dick (with his own pre cum) Rick bent his head down and began to suck on my neck again as he gently moved his hand up and down my shaft. I thought I would lose once he did this, then I felt his body shudder on top of mine, his cock pulsed, hips jerked and an unmistakable image of pleasure swept across his face. With four long white ropes of cum he spew his juice all over my hand, cock, stomach and chest. I was amazed as to what I had just witnessed I felt confused but excited as to what I had just done to my best friend. He laid his head on my shoulder spent as to what had happened. We laughed as he realized in a pitiful voice he had lost! Getting off me he apologized for being unable to move in time. It was okay. He however made me finish myself off as he wanted to see me cum as well. We showered, towelled off and resumed a typical afternoon.

It was an experience I am not soon to forget as I think about that day as I masturbate alone now. We still get together and wrestle from time to time but nothing has changed. We even jack off together on occasion to see who can shoot the furthest. He's a good friend!

Happy Jacking Everyone!!



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