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Welcoming in the Spring

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I really need to do this more often


Oh what a beautiful spring day it was here yesterday in New England. We just got over what may have been one of the worst winters I can remember. But yesterday just made up for all of that with warm, dry air and sunny skies. I work as a counsellor for spoiled brat blind people all day giving them totally undeserved services which amount to not much more than government handouts so getting out of work yesterday was a welcome relief.

A little background about myself. I am far from the exhibitionist types that post often on this forum but I do have one trait about me. That is I feel most comfortable when my pussy is bare. I love the open and free feel it gives when it isn't covered. When I am home alone, which is not often with a husband and a kid, I will wear just a tee shirt or pyjama top. I have even sunbathed bottomless at my sister's place in New York but that is a story for a different day.

Yesterday I was out of the office and into my car by 5pm sharp. Friday afternoon traffic in the city was horrendous and the thought of sitting in it right now frustrated me. So my light bulb went off and I decided to get some dinner at a local pub and wait the rush hour traffic out until it let up. So I ordered my meal, left my husband a message that I would be late and relaxed in the pub for about an hour. After finishing up I decided to get more comfortable before the long ride home. Dipping into the ladies room of the pub I took off my scarf and hose and carefully put them away in my purse. I was just about to slip back on my dress pumps when I had two thoughts. The first was that I had a comfortable pair of flats under my desk at work I should have changed into them before leaving. The second was that I simply couldn't waste such a lovely evening. With thought number two in mind I let my devilish side take hold and I reached up under my skirt and pulled off my panties. I stashed them in my purse, put my shoes back on, did the obligatory make up check in the mirror and went back to the parking lot and drove off.

Traffic was much lighter now and I thought I would enjoy the ride by taking all of the back roads. Cracking my window open a little the air was still warm and welcoming even as twilight was looming. The breeze through my hair lifting my bangs and tickling my ears made me slow down and enjoy the ride all that more. Glancing at my purse on the passenger seat reminded me of why my panties were in there and not on me so I hiked up my skirt to mid thigh. Letting one hand fall down and rest on the gear selector pushed all sorts of naughty thoughts in my mind. It felt very phallic to me. I played with and softly stroked it all the while I imagined it was my husband's penis. I was totally excited now and my nipples pushed hard against my bra.

Every time I drove past a car with a cute guy driving I imagined how his penis measured up to my gear shift. I imagined if any of them would unzip themselves and let out their erect rods for me. Of course none did, at least none that I could see from my car. This just made me more aroused. The temperature in my car seemed brutally hot but in reality it was just me. I unbuttoned a few buttons on my blouse to cool down but it wasn't helping. I knew what I needed. Pulling up to a red light I seized the opportunity.

Lifting my bottom off the seat slightly I managed to roll my skirt completely up to my waist. Finally with the feeling of freedom I love so much I just drove around a little like that. It didn't take long before the evening air fluttered through my scarlet pubic hair and across my already swollen labia. The hand that wasn't on the wheel abandoned the gear shift and made its way right to my clit with my index finger and my pinky happily dipped itself into me. My hand only left my pussy a few times to taste my own juices. I almost never do that.

As the miles rolled off so did my orgasms, each one better than the previous. Just as I got home and pulled into my garage I knew playtime was almost over and I wanted a big finale. Fishing through my purse I found my hairbrush. Unbuttoning the last few buttons on my blouse and shrugging it off my shoulders I unhooked my bra and freed my breasts. I had the seat totally reclined now and my legs were as far apart as I could get them. While rubbing one nipple I practically raped myself with the handle of the hairbrush. I climaxed so hard that I gushed all over my car seat and floor. I composed myself as best as possible and went inside.

When my husband saw me he said that he felt so bad for me since I looked like I was run ragged at work and he said I should take a warm bath and then go to bed early, which I did but not before a little more fun in the tub.

Happy jacking and jilling



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