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Weird Visit To the Doctor

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True story


This happened to me a few days ago.

I'm fourteen, at least for a few more months, and start tennis practice for my junior varsity team in late January. So I had to get a physical before I could even sign up.

I hadn't been to the doctor in like three years or so, the last time was for a sore throat. We've had the same family doctor since I can remember.

Well the day comes and my mom just drops me off at the doctor's. I don't know why, but I always get nervous when I go to the doctor's. Anyway, after waiting for like an hour, I finally get called in and the first thing I have to do is pee in a cup, so embarrassing. I then was taken to the room where I had to wait another twenty minutes for the doctor to come in.

When he finally got in, the first thing he said was how much I'd grown since the last time he saw me. He was going on and on, how tall I'd gotten, how much I looked like my father, etc.

He started the exam and I had my shirt off and just a pair of cargo pants. He did the usual stuff of listening to my heart, feeling the glands in my neck, etc. When I was lying on the bed thing, he took my arms and stretched them back, for what I don't know. But he did comment on my arm pit hair, saying something dumb like, 'I see you're already getting hair under here.' Don't ask me why, but it sort of turned me on, like I said, I don't know why. Then he starts feeling of my stomach and goes down low and unbuttons my top button. He got to my pubes and felt around and didn't go any lower.

Anyway, so after a few minutes, he says, 'Ok, stand up and let's check you downstairs, just slip down your pants.' I'd been dreading this because my friends had told me he checks your balls and stuff. So I pull down my pants and my underwear and he pulls up a stool. As soon as I pull down my underwear he stares at my dick and says 'Wow, you're really turning into a man, my goodness.' I was already a little semi-erect, which I guess made my dick look even bigger, so I imagine that's what made him say that. He said, 'Wow, look at this thing, and you're just fourteen?' He was saying all this kind of in a joking way.

He continued looking and feeling around, and pressing all around in my pubes. Then he comments on how dark and thick my pubic hair is! He's like, 'You've already got such a thick bush for someone your age.' So embarrassing, but yet again this turned me on. I couldn't believe he said 'bush' either. But I guess he thought he sounded cool saying that or something. I, of course, was just beet red, not having a clue about what to say to someone commenting on my pubes. Then he started touching my dick, and pretending to examine it, kind of pulling it up and down a few times. By this time, I could tell he was doing more than he was supposed to do, and also by this time, I'd developed an erection.

He grabbed it with his thumb and index finger and held it up and looked at it and then asked me if everything was 'alright' with it. I told him as far as I know. Then he asks me if I am ejaculating yet, and I told him yes. I have no clue why he asked me this, other than to get some kind of weird pleasure out of it, that, and/or just asking me questions so he could look at my dick even longer. He then asked me if I had a girlfriend, commenting that the 'women are going to love this.'

He finally got to touching my balls and doing the whole turn and cough thing. It'd felt like an eternity that I'd had my pants down, though it had only probably been like two minutes. Anyway, I was so turned on for some reason. I was leaking precum and I know he had to see it.

So after I did the cough thing, he picked up my dick AGAIN and commented how much I'd grown, especially 'down here' as he was holding my dick. He then told me not to be worried about 'my boner' that it happens all the time, and that it happened to him when he was younger.

Then he was like, ok, you better put that thing away now before it knocks me in the eye, and he kind of chuckled. And that was pretty much it. I could be just seeing things, but I could have sworn he had a slight bulge in his pants that he was purposely wanting me to see.

Anyway, that was it. I don't know if he's gay, or a pedophile, or just curious about guys my age and our dicks. But I must say, I was so turned on by the whole thing, that I've jerked off three nights in a row thinking about it, thinking about him holding my dick, commenting on what a man I'd become.



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